Harbeth dealer near Nashville, TN

Anyone know the closest Harbeth dealer to Nashville?

Distributor does not respond to my email.


Google is your friend!
No such site!

I have no problem!!
Link took me right to it...

Safari browser on iPad won't open the site.  Have to wait to get home and try a PC.

Yashu - - what version of Safari are you running?  I've had similar problems with Safari on my old (1st Gen) iPad.  Apple no longer offers updates for the old iPad, and the older version of Safari on that iPad is clunky, to say the least.

Just ordered a new iPad with the latest OS, etc., so shouldn't have a problem with Safari - - - at least for a while.
New iPad air2..............

Might download the chrome browser.

Thanks! for sharing- whom has been to this shop?
Whilst on the subject- any other dealers/ retailers (besides HiFi Buys Nashville) in the area.
Gene Rubin seems to have it going on with Harbeth.  He has the Exposure and Croft,  both of which are supposed to be excellent with Harbeths. No affiliation, other than being a new P3 owner, and also in the market for an integrated…. 
Who is Gene Rubin and where is he located?

Gene Rubin's website:  http://shop.generubinaudio.com

He's in Ventura, California.   I bought a (hardly) used Rega P9 from him about 3 years ago.  Great deal and great service.
Gene Rubin has been around for a very long time.