Harbeth compact 7ES3 for small room

Hi All,
I’m in a beginning of a searching process for a pair of monitor speakers for a small room (3m x 3m). I know that the room is very small and I’ll have to treat it acoustically.
I was thinking about the Harbeth compact 7es3, especially since I read in the Harbeth forum that Alan Shaw did all the listening, tuning and adjustment of the C7ES3 at a room of 3m x 3m.
I’m using a Plinius 8100 integrated amplifier, and listening mainly to classic, jazz, vocals and rock (Pink floyd type of music, not hard rock). I appreciate your thoughts and wanted to ask if you can think about other speakers that might work at this room size?

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I would not assume that you will have to treat the room for what is essentially near field listening.
The Harbeth's would seem to be a good choice.