Harbeth Compact 7ES3 and Parasound A21

I've been eyeing the Harbeth C7ES3s for a while now and will be auditioning them (again) this weekend.

Currently, I have a Parasound A21/P3 and PS Audio DL3 as source. The A21 wattage was introduced to make Dynaudio S1.4s sing but I'm not sure if the C7s need it, or it might hurt in some way?

So, I wanted to know what you guys think about this combo?

A powerful amp will not hurt the speakers unless you are listening at very high levels. If you like head-banger volume, you need to be looking at a different speaker! I'm not saying you might not eventually prefer a different amp but there is nothing wrong with this combo from a safety standpoint.
It'll be just fine. The A21 is a great piece, and will drive the harbeths well.
And if you ever want to go up the ladder, all you'd have to do is change preamps.