Harbeth Compact 7ES vs Tyler Acoustics Taylo Refs?


Has anybody compared these two speakers? Curious to know relative strengths and weaknesses. I currently have the Taylo Reference Monitor and find it hard to believe that it can get much better. On the other hand there are all these people raving about the "Harbeth Sound"; makes me want to run out and try it!
I use a Musical Fidelity A150 integrated, Rega Jupiter 2000 CD player wired together with DH Labs Q10 and Air Matrix.
At an auction here at a'gon, I picked up a pair of the Taylo ref monitors (glossy red for $1680) to replace a 13-yrs old pair of proac studio-2 monitors, oh about 3 years ago. I drove them with a Graaf GM20 OTL amp & a Graaf 13.B preamp. For me, the taylos were a serious step downwards compared to my old proacs. The Taylos sounded muffled or veiled in all frequencies. Mind you, the studio-2 boxes were couple inches taller and deeper. I sold the taylos for $1100 within a couple of months. Some months later, I had a chance to listen to a pair of Harbeth's at a stereo shop. Although a bit clinical, I found harbeth's sonics to be way superior. I ultimately went for full range speaker...just my 2 cents.
Wow! I wonder if there was something wrong with the particular pair you had. I can't imagine how a speaker with drivers found in speakers costing upto $20,000 can sound muffled and veiled. My own experience suggests the exact opposite - I've had Vandersteen 2CE sigs, PSB Stratus Bronze, ACI Sapphire LE - the Taylos trounced them all on practically every relevant parameter.
Perhaps design execution and other aspects, rather than specific drivers used up to K point speaker system does not really matter. Some designs, designers and lines have become classic as the ProAcs and also the Harbeth lines, something which the Taylors have yet to achieve. The only noticable review on any sort of magazine or Webzine for the Taylor speakers was about 3 years ago on Soundstage.
Your comments on the Taylor suprises me as well. Like Srama stated the tweeter and midbass are found in speakers costing over 20k and the crossover points are all top shelf.

I remember a 1999 review of the Tyler being compared to the highly respected ACI Sapphire at Soundstage. Other then conceeding a few hz in the lowest bass, the reviewer felt the Tylers "Dusted" his own pair of ACI Sapphires in every area. And I know the Tylers have been refined a couple of times since then while still retaining the same moniker.

So I would also have to wonder if something wasn't wrong with the pair if they sounded as a serious step downward from some Proac monitors from the late 80's
Interesting discussion so far but we still haven't got a comment about relative performances of Harbeth and Tyler Taylos. Is it because Harbeth and Tyler folks are fundamentally different from one another? That is, people that buy Tyler speakers do not as a rule buy (or listen to) Harbeths? I would hate to be slotted into silos like that - in fact, that makes me want to go out and buy a pair of Harbeths from AGon right away!
Interesting comments indeed. I owned a pair of Tyler Taylos after a good friend purchased them. At his house and on his system, (which is similiar to mine)they were AMAZING. I was blown away.

I then purchased a pair for my system and could never get the same results in my dedicated listening room. The Magic from my current setup just dissapeared. I soon sold them and went back to using Sonus Fabers and have not looked back.

I have heard the Harbeths on multiple systems and was always impressed. I guess it all boils down to system synergy. I personally would go the Harbeth route but that is only because I have already owned the Tylers. Not sure if this helps, good luck!