Harbeth Compact 7's and REL Subwoofer

I am considering using a REL sub with my Harbeth Compact 7's as I have moved into a much larger listening room. Can anyone weigh in on whether the Strata or Storm is the best choice? Also, any information on proper crossover and gain settings would be helpful. Thanks!
I can't comment on the REL line, but I have found the addition of a sub, (I use an M&K MX 700,) to be the finishing touch to sonic bliss. The M&K is controllable to adjust for your room and monitor's abilities, and that feature should factor into the REL equation, IMHO.

You should also go to the Harbeth Smartgroups, (access through the Harbeth website,) and post this question there as well. (Maybe you know this, I think I recognize your moniker from days past.)

Good luck,

There are a pair of black Stratas that just went up for sale at an incredible price and would be a great solution. If they're already gone, consider trying to stretch your budget to get a used Stadium III, it is worlds better than the Storm.
Thanks for your input. I got a Stadium II and it works super with my C7's. Now we are really talkin!