Harbeth compact 7 ES3 for a large room ?

Newbie here and need some help. I am planning to set up a separate audio system in the basement just for music alone. I have a large L shape room not divided, with about 12' W x 35' L x 7' H.
I have been using an old Rogers LS/2 bookshelf and are used to the British sound, this plus my music taste makes me consider the harbeth, which I had a chance to audition lately. I listen to many kinds of music but mainly classical (from solo piano to chamber music, concertos and large orchestra work), also some instrumental/new age, vocal, Pops, etc. Not many rock music.
Source: i'm fully digital and use a Squeezebox 3 with lossless files on server. Amp:not decided maybe another thread.
BTW, is there a limit of number of words for the post ? Thanks !
Scroll down the page a bit, and you'll see a thread with almost the exact same title as yours. If there's a word limit on posts, I don't know about it. This ain't no Twitter!

Thanks, Bob. Yes I see that thread. Since I'm new here I'm not sure if it's appropriate to post my question in somewhere else's thread.

About the word count, initially I typed a long post but at the end I find that I can not type any more and have to delete some words above to finish.
Good choice for a large room. You will gain dynamics and slightly deeper bass response.
K330... yes, I've run into the same thing in regards to the limit of characters you can type in a post. Seems strange.
That's weird. I've seen some posts here that seem to go on forever. I never thought there was a limit.

K330, are you aware of the Harbeth Users Group? Alan Shaw himself participates, and I'm sure you'd find a lot of relevant info:


Layman: thanks for confirmation. Have you used this in a similar room size ?

Pdreher: might be a bug in the system ?

Bob: yes, I'm aware of the user group and also posted a question there. :)
Sometimes in edit mode the word count gets limited. If so just copy and paste to a fresh page and you can ramble on forever :)
proac D2
Thanks for suggestion. Guess I need to keep auditioning.
I also wonder if I put a room divider in that space and isolate (not totally) an area about 12' W x 15'L, will a Harbeth 3 work ? e.g., I'm thinking about a room divider they sell at ikea such as a bookshelf, etc. ?

The harbeth 7's will be fine in the big room. If you chop the room into the smaller dimensions, they'll sound great there, too, as well as the smaller 3's.
You're on a good path. Keep it up