Harbeth C7 Decoupling - Sound Anchor Blue Dot?

I got a pair of 19" Sound Anchor 3-post stands for my Harbeth. They came with the original Blue Dots, which felt a bit tacky. If I placed the speakers directly on the dots, will it pear off the bottom veneer when separate them?

For now I'm using "Shepherd surface guard/felt" between speakers and stand top. Not as solid as Blue Dots but not tacky either.

How about Herbie's Big Fat Dots? Tacky or not? Are then as solid-holding as SA Blue Dots?

Also what about spikes plate for hardwood floor? Sound Anchor has one costs $16 each!!! Herbies costs the same. For now I'm using self-made ones with a quarter on top and the sticky felt on bottom. Not very stable biz of the 3/16 inch thick felt.

Any other material you can recommend? Thanks.
I would very surprised if the veneeer from a Harbeth came off due to the blue dots. I have used blue tack many, many years ago and no problems whatsoever. I presume blue dots are something similar.

In any event, you can use blue tack if you like...any hardware store. but again, i would be surprised if anything happened. The worst, might be a slight discoloration due to oils in the blue dots...but i am merely speculating here. And that would still take years to occur...and further, its on the bottom of the speaker.

Good luck...you could also email Harbeth...i imagine they would definitely have a good answer for you.
There are sonic differences between every interface between the speaker and the stand, but I would recommend Blu Tak for safety. When someone knocks over one of the speakers (and it WILL happen) you will be very happy that the speaker and the stand are locked together so you can catch it before it injures someone or just gets smashed. This is especially true with 3 point stands, which are more prone to tipping. As to the veneer, in my experience, Blu Tak will not harm the wood if you twist the speaker off the stand when you want to remove it. FYI, Herbies Fat Dots are not tacky. Best of luck.
Answer here:

I should have added that I use Herbies 'thin' Fat pads which are not taking but still grip enough. I also used thin cork pads to similar affect.
For under the speaker stands I use again Herbies Threaded Stud Gliders which enable me to move the stands across my wooden floors into different positions quite easily.
Herbie's square fat dots. You can also buy sticky fat dots that are sticky on one or both sides.