Harbeth 7es3/HL5 or Usher Dancer Mini 2?


I feel like I'm asking you all to help me kick the tires here, but as my speaker search extends and narrows, any feedback would be appreciated.

Completely different speakers, I realize; and I've heard neither of them. But both are highly acclaimed. The Usher's a floorstander, while the Harbeths are stand-mounted. I live nowhere near where I can audition these, unfortunately.

Driven by an LSA Statement (150w/ch); small listening room; lots of jazz, folk rock, instrumental, etc.

Opinions? And if Harbeth, which one?

The dark horse is the Audiokinesis Jazz.
when you say small room, what size?
In that size room and your musical taste you can't go wrong with the Harbeth P3ESR. Best darn monitor I have owned!
Harbeth makes very musical speakers. I love them especially for violin/cello sonatas, jazz combos, and singer/songwriter type music the most.

You may want to join the HUG, Harbeth Users Group and will learn quite a lot from other users there.

The designer voiced these speakers in a small room. I would think that in your room, you could be quite happy with not only the P3ESR, but also the Compact 7's and M30.1's depending on your ability for placement and room treatments.

I have zero experience with the UshersÂ….sorry!

Good luck in your search.
I had no success with the 7 in a 10 x 11 foot room...booming bass. Your room is bigger so you may have better luck.

The 3 worked beautifully for me in my small room.
No_Regrets - the HUG was fascinating - and gave me a bunch of stuff I didn't know about the product. Thanks for the tip-off!
I plan on moving to a larger listening room in a few years - thus the focus on a larger speaker.

I have Reference 3A de Capo i's right now - which are really good in of themselves.
They will be well represented at the Montreal Show next weekend. They will have almost every model there, as I understand it. I will have a close ear on the P3esr, and 30.1. My room is 11 X 12. I was hoping they were using tubes, but apparently Rega and/or the hybrid Pathos. I wanted to hear how they do with 25-30 tubed watts.