Harbeth 7es2 vs Harbeth 7es3

I'm curious to what difference these speakers have. I researched a Harbeth 7es2 for sale. The seller claimed the woofer was replaced with the woofer from the Harbeth 7es3 by a dealer and the dealer claims the woofer speakers are identical with both models. Any input would be appreciated.
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A good place to look would be the Harbeth Usergroup on Harbeth's website. Alan Shaw, the owner participates in the forums. That question has undoubtedly been answered there already
In the Harbeth User's Group, regarding the new C7ES3 vs the C7ES2, Alan Shaw states:

"I think the differences between the C7ES2 and C7ES3 have been documented here or on the main Harbeth web site ....

They are:

C7ES3 has ....

1. A new woofer
2. A new tweeter
3. A new crossover
4. Revisions to the cabinet damping arrangement that would be difficult to retro-fit to ES2 cabinets
5. Longer ports
6. Single wire, not bi-wire terminals

A Compact 7ES3 is the sum of all these parts and any lesser combination is not, technically a Compact 7ES3. At this time, and especially because of item 4 above, there is no upgrade path and we do not want to have a half-way situation between C7ES2 and 3 whereby 1, 2, 3, and 5 are upgraded but not item 4 (the cabinet)."

Based on the above, the C7ES2 and C7ES3 woofers are not identical.
Somebody's fibbing somewhere.....

the 7-2's and 7-3's are somewhat close in overall sound, but the 7-3's have tighter, deeper bass, overall clarity is way up, more detail. If you can find a nicely priced 7-2, not one that has been messed with, you'll be very happy.
I can't imagine the said speaker working properly, different crossover, etc.....I'd pass if I were you.
Good luck!
Personally I would pass on a speaker that has been modified, especially by third parties. Similarly like Chashas1, I would pick an original C7ES2 over a modified speaker. You wouldn't know the quality of workmanship of the modified speaker and the true performance of the originally designed speaker.

Good luck.
I own a pair of C7ES2 and have the upgrade itch. It may just be cabin fever. I was wondering what I would gain by upgrading to the C7ES3.
a much tighter, seemingly lower bass, for one.
also an increase in clarity.
definitely noticeable.
I've heard both. I favor the 7-ES2. Even though they are older, I feel the sound is more accurate, with zero listening fatigue and midrange to die for. The 7-ES3 is great too, but perhaps is adding some coloration in the lower frequencies. Both generations are examples of how fine, monitor-style loudspeakers should be engineered. If you have superior recordings in your collection of music, you will want to listen all day long.
Having lived with both speakers, the C7es3 is clearly an improvement over the C7es2. However, that said, if i already own a C7es2, i would leave it as it.
Both speakers are great & either one is very very satisfactory.
Agree with Nolitan. However, if you love your present gear and stands, and the 7's are working great in your present room, I could easily see trading up to the 7-3's... The increase in clarity, bass extension and tightness would definitely pay for itself in the long term. And definitely have a great stand for either- skylans or Wayne Taylor's.
They are noticeably better than the 7-2's.
"Accurate" is highly subjective .
I'm wondering if posting to these old threads will generate a response?  at any rate, ,  here goes.   What about having the choice to buy either a  7-2  or 7-3 used and being I've yet to have Harbeth and this would be my first purchase I am inclined to go for the latest iteration with hoped for overall improvements .  

these speakers don’t get old so fast
if you never heard harbeth it might be safest bet go with used speakers
definetly it won’t be day and night difference.Minor improvements I think,lets say more punch or a bit more resolution