Harbeth 40's.. if they are so good.....then why ?

I am slowly re-entering into the new speakers arena after 6 years with the current pair. A seven year itch maybe...but I have read and ''heard'' so much about Harbeth particularly the 40's. These are not inexpensive speakers by any means and was wondering why if these are supposed to be that good, why don't I see more of them around. Is it because they are considreed having a ''monitor sound''.....but, isn't that a good thing as they reproduce exactly what is and isn't there on a recording ? Or, are they cold and analytical sounding ? These are on my short list of maybe's.
They are simply not common - the require a fairly large room to work well and not be overly-bassy. And indeed they are not inexpensive, which adds to the scarcity. Great speakers if you have the room and setup. The other Harbeth stuff is worth a listen too. I'd recommend the best of their line being the Monitor 30 and the Super HL5. hl5 has more bass, bigger box, but I like the tweeter in the 30 a bit more, plus the size/shape works better (smaller). They are supposed to have a floor-stander coming out @ CES.