Harbeth 40.3's. Should I buy them?

I've owned a lot of speakers. I've just finished auditioning a pair of Alta Audio Alec's. Not good at all in my system. I own a pair of Spatial X3 open baffle speakers. I really like them and my wife doesn't. I recently bought a pair of Buchardt S400 MKII's for a second system. I say second system because I have a dedicated 2 channel room 15' x 19'. Upstairs in a much larger room, the Buchardt's were anemic, fine, 2 Adam subs solved the anemia. Then just for the heck of it (and because audio is a hobby) I moved the Buchardt monitors downstairs in the 'big guys' room. The Buchardt's loved that room and my wife loved the Buchardt's except they are to small for the listening room and our listening tastes.

I'm tired of buying and selling speakers. I've been to a hundred audio shows and have "favorites". Harbeth have always sounded great, not a show stopper, but, at shows, they've been totally inoffensive, warm and engaging in the same way I like Audio Notes AN-e.
We play all types of music. My wife especially likes classical, leaning towards female singers but too, she'll rock out on Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Keyes, Journey, you get the idea. Me, classic rock but anything that soothes my soul works. I like to play loud. My wife - louder, but not teenager loud.

We have an awesome front end to work with. Allnic T2000 30th integrated (60wpc in triode 150wpc in pentode), Allnic H5500 phono and Allnic D10000 DAC.

Why wouldn't we happy with this speaker?


From what I've heard from otherwise nice Harbeth speakers, if you want to rock out, these are not the best choice in any reasonably sized room regardless of the amp.

Bigger Proacs & ATC's that I've heard are much more capable kicking some butt when desired. 

For myself, who also enjoys true dynamics & good quality loud rock music at times as well as rich, accurate sound, I have & really enjoy my highly sensitive Volti Audio Rivals! W/ good tube amplification. They are not hard or bright but big & full bodied, super dynamic,   image very well & sound like live music. They will handily out rock just about any speaker you can think of that sounds anywhere near pleasing & non fatiguing.  

They are pricey, about $15 - $18K built very well & imo, worth it. They're younger sibling, the Razz (Stereophile class B if that matters to you) is less than half the price & really nice too & will also rock out when desired.  I doubt Greg Roberts will do a home audition period but you may be able to see & listen to both of them in an upcoming show. You might really enjoy them. 


Consider looking at the NSMT Model 100.  Getting very positive reviews and are about the same price as the used 40.3's.

A bit of a different speaker, as it as an active sub in them - but could be an advantage in your room as you can then adjust the base as needed.

One reviewer called them "40.2's with balls", if that helps.

Call Ty Lashbrook at Tyler Acoustics Phone: 270-691-9500. He will gladly help you .

@desalvo55 And the consensus is that the 40.3 is simply too big for my room.

Tried it in a smaller 11’x12’ room, I heard the prior 40.2 version on my prior 50wpc tube Triode and 60wpc tube mono blocks. Big transformer amps, plenty of drive.

It was like having headphones on. Could have benefited in a bit larger room, yes. Sounded nice and musical though. Not sure why a 15’x19’ room would not work though, interesting. Would have to hear them positioned back/mid room both.

veroguy. These speakers have definitely piqued my interest. I've always respected Terry London's reviews. 

Tyler acoustics; I actually owed a pair, custom built by Tyler Acoustics. They were big and beautiful with custom outboard cross-overs that I could fine-tune. Couldn't get them to sound right in my room, no fault of the speakers. just lacked synergy in my world at that time.