Harbeth 40.2

Anybody have any experience with the Harbeth 40.2 speakers regarding room size, placement, power requirements, and of course the subjective stuff, especially regarding comparisons to other speakers in their price range?
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Food for thought my listening height to my Harbeth 40.2 is below the recommended tweeter level and recently I put a pillow cushion on my eames lounger [sacrilegious] to align height and now the system sounds better still.  Not a huge difference but it just gets the balance right.

depending on the music and how was mastered sitting at tweeter level can make it more or less enjoyable....sure it meant to be at tweeter level all else being equal but the synergy of the rest of the room affects that too.

I found the synergy of moving to a koetsu rosewood platinum cartridge made a profound improvement to how music is portrayed in my system and made it less sensitive to seat position or the mastering of the record....the koetsu just makes music sound right (even if not great mastering)....no product is perfect though as the koetsu is more finicky to records that are poorly pressed or manufactured