Harbeth 30th Year Anniversary

This is confusing, and as a buyer, I want to know what I'm getting for my money. Anyone out there who can settle this 30 year anniversary issue? What does it mean? Are the speakers that have this "tag" 4 to 5 years old, that is if Harbeth's 30th anniversary took place in 2009? Am I misguided in this? So then what's the difference between the 30th anniversary and the "non 30th anniversary" vintage?
The new ones are the 30.1. You can email Allen Shaw at Harbeth and he will give you full information about that speaker.
The SHL5 were produced as a 30th anniversary edition (I know that for sure and quite likely other models were as well. I believe that was five years ago. The 30.1 is a speaker model that supplaned the 30.
I think Yogi may be confusing the Harbeth 30.1 with general
Harbeth 30th Anniversary speaker models. I have a new pair of
SHL5's and they are the 35th Anniversary edition. So my
guess any of the 30th Anniversary speakers are 5 years old.
My understanding is they made a little upgrade for each
Anniversary edition but the "basic" ingredients
have remained the same through the years.(Not to change just
for the sake of changing) I could be off a little bit!? :o)