Harbeth 30.1's w/Leben CS-1000P or CS-600

I have Harbeth 30.1's in a small 10'x13' room and am currently running them with solid state Blue Circle gear. I'm curious about Leben but fear even the CS-600 will lack the power needed to properly drive 30.1's. Does the CS-1000P buy you better sound or just more power? The cost of the 1000P plus their preamp would be nearly triple the 600, but if it's a huge upgrade I could potentially swing it. Hopefully I'll take a trip to NYC and hear both in the near future. Any thoughts? Thanks.
you will be fine with the CS 600. I've used as little as 32 WPC (tube) with both the SHL5's and 40.1's in a room much larger than yours. Power IME is over rated.
I use Harbeth P3ESR's (sensitivity 83 db) with 50 watt tube amps in a 20x15 size room with no problem. I can't see any problem driving the more sensitive 30's in a smaller room with the amp you want to use. I also agree that power is overrated!
Leben CS600, no problem. That combination of Harbeth 30.1 + Leben CS600 will be superb. I predict thousands of hours of beautiful music and wide smiles.
If you are coming to NY and want to do some shopping, I would go to Audio Connection. It's right outside the city, and sells Harbeth. He makes most of the other stores look like complete amateurs.
Depends on what you listen to and how loud you like to listen. The Leben is very nice at moderate volumes and the bass-boost switch is handy at lower volumes to fill out the bottom a bit.
You are wise to listen before you buy. It will help you put together a system more suited to your tastes.
Thanks everyone. Hey Chayro! I still have the T&F Pharoah's, they're doing very, very well in my living room.

Clearly I'm going to need to hear these for myself, but ultimately I fear this statement from HUG:
"{Moderator's comment: A carefully controlled big amplifier under your command will always and without exception better replicate the dynamics of real life which are, as we know from the concert hall, terrifyingly loud at times.}".
Well, if the Leben doesn't work with the Harbeths, it should be a great match with the T&Fs. It might even be my next amp. That Viva is a beast and I'm getting older.
My brother has the Leben CS600 with Harbeth SHL5, they are sublime, great combo.
Hi Chayro,
Your Viva is a wonderful amplifier. I'd think long and hard before parting with it. That amp with the Pharoahs must sound special.
Chayro I think Charles is right, you may want to hold on to that Viva. If you don't, give me a call!