Harbeth 30.1 or legacy calibre

What would you choose between the 2 in a room without a subwoofer?
I’ve had my Legacy Calibres since Sept ’17, and while I have not heard the Harbeth’s, I can say that these Calibres are monsters! The sensitivity rating is typically an in-room measurement, so it may vary a little bit, but based on other speaker’s I’ve owned, they seem more on par to a 86-87 dB/2.83V/1m kind of speaker system. The bass capability and resolution is nothing short of stellar.

But what they may lack in some sensitivity they make up with with a S*&^load of power handling. I don’t listen to jazz/light classical/ or other wussy crap. I listen to Napalm Death, Carcass, Slayer, Emperor, Sepultura, Morbid Angel, Suffocation, and other cool bands :) at EAR-SPLITTING SPL levels and massive solid-state amplification, and they take the abuse and punishment like no one’s business. I use a total of THREE PEAVEY CS800X’s for my pair of Calibres. They could care less.

This is them being built at the Legacy facility

Pic 1 - Home

Pic 2 - Power!

Nothing really comes close to the Legacy Calibre or Aeris...  

I would have the Aeris... if I had a stronger back... but the Calibre is close enough... and much easier to manage.
Let's step back for a minute.  I know people are anxious to give their two cents on these options, but I find it very strange that these are the two speakers being considered.  

How did you come to consider these two speakers over others?  Did you audition them?

If you are considering these blindly without audition, I would ask what speakers have you owned or heard in the past that you liked best.  What does your room look like? What type of music do you like?  How loud do you play your music?  What associated equipment are you using?

In general, both companies are respected speaker makers, but they are vastly different.  I don't think your decision should come down to random opinions from the internet.  You really need to listen to both before buying, or you run a 50% risk of being disappointed.  They are THAT dissimilar.

Nevertheless, if you want opinions versus an audition, I'd say this....I like what I've heard from Legacy recently, but their style of speaker making is fairly common (although they've added room correction aspects to certain models which is more unique).  Harbeth is legendary for delivering a unique sound that captivates fans for life.  They don't need to come out with new models every year and constantly change technology because what they do works at a core level for their fans.

IMO, every audiophile owes it to themselves to own pair of Spendor or Harbeths in their life time.  It may not ultimately be your taste, but it's important to hear it and realize that it's not always about mixing a bunch of high tech drivers in a rigid box like most companies do.

Don't get me wrong.  The performance you can get from Legacy is technically great and can be enjoyable, but it's more common.  When someone hears a Spendor or Harbeth, they typically remember it.  This could be good or bad, but that's why I say you need to audition them. Don't trust random advice categorically saying one versus the other.
I see no problem with someone wanting to explore 2 very different speakers. Even though they are very different from each other, they both will provide a FAIRLY neutral presentation, they will both provide a good sound stage and both will image well...
You need to look at their strengths
Legacy: More Dynamic, Much more extended top end and forceful bottom, more analytical mid range.
Harbeth: Reasonably, accurate bass, more romantic upfront midrange, More neutral, leaning toward laid back in the top end.
I disagree with labtec about the Legacy being more common, in fact, it is a 180. The Harbeth use a very traditional design, their strength is their custom tailored midrange. The Legacy with its midrange material, ribbon tweeters, new cabinet designs and alined crossovers is all more technically advanced than the Harbeth.
In the end, they present music differently. You need to discover your taste.
I love the Harbeth speakers ... especially the 40.2's. I always seek out their rooms at shows and just sit and listen to the music. Wonderful and very involving.

I've owned the Legacy Signature III's for many years and they are in my main system. 

This may be apples and oranges, but with laborious tweaking and proper placement, the Legacy's are every bit as musical, involving, transparent as the Harbeth's  with better bass and highs to boot. Easy to drive too.  

Harbeth 40.2 = $16,000.  A used pair of Legacy Signature III's = $1200 - $2500.