Harbeth 30.1, odd USA pricing?

I was wondering if anyone knew why the USA importer for Harbeth speakers Fidelis AV has the 30.1 model priced so high?

Pricing in Cherry finish.
U.K. 2,529 Pounds or about $3,915 US Dollars
E.U. 3,150 Euros or about $ 4,145 US Dollars
Canada 5,000 Canadian Dollars or about $4,986 US dollars
The USA $5,990!

I understand about import duties and the cost of shipping to the USA but this still does not explain the $2000 dollar price difference compared to Europe. Furthermore, there is no solid reason why the same 30.1's cost $1000 US dollars more in the USA than they do in Canada.

Also curious is the USA and Canadian pricing of Harbeth Speakers are very similar to each other with the exception of the 30.1 model which is priced a whopping $1000 US dollars apart.

So what do you think? Is the current USA distributor price gouging on the 30.1 model? Or is there some other explanation?
Could be US importer is taking more. Could be Canada is really taking too little money. It could be a lot of things. I know it is hard to make money on specialty lines, so I would hesitate to use the word "gouging". Does the US guy travel more? Advertise more? Give dealers more margin? Who knows.

I would say you can choose to import gray market, or contact the importer and bring up your concerns and try to meet at a middle ground, or pay full price and live with it, or select another speaker out of frustration with the price structure. But you will not get a definitive answer on why it is why it is. And do you care? If you want to buy them then I would focus on getting the best price, bringing up what you did here with the importer.
While we're at it, I've wondered about the rather large price delta between the P3ESR and the Monitor 30.1.
In some instances certain items are priced higher than others are to steer you away from it. It may be in short supply, changing models at that price point, and simply wanting to introduce the new version, whatever it might be called at this price, saying it cost no more than the old one did.
I can't understand why they would otherwise want to alienate the U.S. buyers unless they simply thought they could squeeze this market for some reason? If that were true than all models would be similarily priced.
Drudin-Have you considered the Stirling Broadcast LS3/6 Reference? Acoustic Sounds sells the base finish model for $4095. The LS3/6 with basic finish retail for (2348 GBP) in the UK which is only a $400-500 importer markup when converted to USD. I have a very strong feeling the LS3/6 would give the 30.1 a good battle. If your interested in buying the 30.1 make an effort to reseach and listen to the LS3/6. Harbeth speakers have a strong cult following thus the heavy markups. I have heard the Harbeth 40.1 and the entry level 3PESR. Both are very good speakers for the money but IMO are NOT standouts at there price points. The 30.1 may be the sweet spot in the Harbeth product line, but just remember $6k can still buy alot of speaker!
Well this is very simple to answer. The US model sounds better. To prove it. Look at how much money you would have after buying the Canadian model compared to the US model. Less money left over for the US model, proof, it must sound better. ( I think the thing that drive cost of audio has more to do with what people are willing to spend than any consistent margin of profit model). Nice speaker though.
There really good speakers that are overpriced 1000.00 to 1500.00. I guess they figure if someone really wants them they are going to pay.
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Some things to point out from a fellow manufacturer aware of the basics surrounding this situation (we teamed up with Fidelis AV at the past two NY Audio Shows and used 30.1s, so price did come up in conversations at the shows):

1. Canadian pricing may not yet reflect the current Harbeth UK price increases.

2. Starting June 1st, Resonant Woods stands will be included (a $700 dollar value) with the purchase of the M30.1 only as a promotion through Dec. 31, 2013. These are the stands shown at the NY Audio Show 2013.

3. Canadian Distributor has a handful of dealers, but mostly sells direct through its 2-3 stores. The U.S.distributor (Fidelis AV) sells through a dealer network of 20-25 dealers who need a decent markup to survive in this tough economy.

4. ALL Harbeth models sold in the U.S. for the last 5-6 years include the upgraded internal wiring which adds a considerable charge to the distributor and apparently get passed along accordingly.

5. The U.S. distributor has a consistent advertising program in the two major USA audiophile magazines and online and promotes the line at four to five audio shows per year. The Canadian distributor does a lot less of this.

The Harbeth 30.1 is a fantastic sounding speaker, but the customer will need to listen for themselves (hopefully comparing to others in this price point) and decide if they are worth it. I know that they have a very hard time keeping them in stock at the current price point, so there have to be people who believe they are worth the cost. Count me in on being in this camp!

Thanks for that post Vinnie...
I'm wondering how much of the cost increase is a result of the wiring upgrade - it makes zero difference in the sound...
I wish I can answer these questions. I'm just passing along
what I heard from the U.S. distributor during the past few shows
we teamed up on.

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I hate all the name calling about price gouging, etc.  The reality of a free marketplace is that if there is a scarce item, the market determines the price.

Harbeth has created a beautiful product and has chosen to have a limited distributorship.  The demand for their product is quite high.  The price for their product is whatever the distributor can sell it for.  If you don't like that, then go create your own speaker company.

I don't like paying an unreasonable mark-up any more than the next person.  I don't like it on cars that are in short supply and great demand.  I don't like it on concert or sport tickets either.  But, that's a free market.

Go take your hateful messages about dealers and pricing elsewhere.