Thinking of a new compact design speaker for my bedroom system. Currently using cambridge audio ht receiver with quad 11L. Fine setup but just want a change. I'm considering Harbeth 7es-2 preowned with a YBA 201 integrated versus merlin tsm-mxe with ars filharmonia amp, I already own. The harbeth/yba combo with cost around the same as a new set of TSM-Mxe's. Anyone a/b'd these? I'm mostly into jazz/standard singers/acoustics.
Not what you asked...anyway here it goes:
I believe the Philarmonia will drive happily a pair of Harbeths and will sound much better than most SS amps.
The TSM is a high-transparency, uber-soundstage speaker.
Harbeths are more about the musical flow, beautiful midrange and harmonic bloom.
I have owned both Merlin & Harbeth(5shl)and Casouza is quite accurate on his comparison of the two speakers. Both are outstanding but I liked the musical flow of the Harbeths better. Can't lose with either.
I've heard both but not a/b'ed them. For your musical tastes I'd go with the Harbeth.
I've used vsm for a long time in my first system so decided to stay there. Can't beat bobby's service!
For a bedroom it has to be Harbeth...
I have owned the Merlin TSM-Se for a few months and the sound never got to me.
I now use the Harbeths and like them alot. So much that I now have the p3, Shl5s and the C7es3s.
Its hard to go wrong with the harbeths. They grow on you.
Got a pair of VSM-Mxe's on order as well as a filharmonia. Will put a pair of 7es-3's on sale to cover part of it. Hope I'm not making a mistake; the Harbeth's are sweet for vocals, somewhat light in the bass (not sure the Merlin/Bam is going to solve that), but quite musical without a trace of listner fatigue. I've heard nothing but good re: the filharmonia; only drawback is the wait. Oh well, it will give me time to get my act together and sell the 3's.
No Contest the Harbeths are superb--you cannot got wrong with those.

Current owner.
As always you get an owner based bias. Those that vote Merlin own merlin etc. Farmdoc, you will be very pleased with the bass the superbam can provide. Most of my friends look for my sub when listening to my vms setup. They will handle everything but the lowest lows. Filharmonia is a piece of art and quality. You won't be disappointed.
Glad for your input Jamesw20. Always, (especially in this economy and after waiting this long) we need reassurance that our $$$'s are well spent. Looking forward to getting the system up and running. Now if only BobbyP would push things along a little faster!
Definately as James20 says,owner biased.I have Merlins,but would have Harbeths in a second and be just as happy.Either way you can't lose,good luck to a man who could'nt be luckier in the Year of the Speaker,cheers,Bob
Shadorne said it in one word-Harbeth.
Are Harbeths dark sounding? Is the bass warm to the point of being inarticulate? Do they have any air?

I hear lots of accolades but also enough adjectives that scare me off of them. I'm looking for very detailed & airy speaker that has articulate bass and warm midrange.
I'm looking for very detailed & airy speaker that has articulate bass and warm midrange.

You are asking for an oxymoron. In essence an articulate tight bass will tend to strip the midrange of some warmth or softness. A warm sloppy bass will mask the midrange to a fair extent (due to masking) and soften everything.

Masking is the way low frequencies hide higher frequencies to our hearing.
I don't think you can't have both. For example, Vandersteen 5As have very articulate bass without the side effect of making the midrange lean or masking the highs.

I used to own VR 4.5's that had very flat, articulate bass and extremely warm midrange. OK, these weren't airy in any way...

I'm looking for clarity in all frequency ranges without being OVER lean.
I have owned the Harbeth C7ESII for 6 years and it's a fantastic loudspeaker!

I think you will like B&W more than Harbeth but you could try the SuperHL5 (it might fit in a small space). I suspect the reputed B&W N802's might be the sound you are looking for.