Happy users of SPDIF in Lampizator Big 7's?

I am considering moving to a Lampi Big 7, but I have one pretty important reservation. I plan to have all of my DAC's in the house fed via renderers that draw on a NAS, because I really don't want a computer in my listening rooms anymore, so going to an ethernet feed off of a remote NAS is very appealing. I was anticipating using SPDIF as the inputs on the DAC's, but I read Jafox's disappointing experience using the SPDIF on his Big 6 versus the USB input, and that really gives me pause about a Lampi in this scheme.

So, any happy Lampi Big 7 users that have compared USB to SPDIF and find it just fine?
Both input are great. Your problem will be that the B7 ONLY does DSD via USB, NOT spdif. PCM can take both, not DSD.
I'm using spdif into pcm in my Big 7... And it's great.
So, no DoP feed on the PCM connection? It's not too big a of deal for me. Presently I own exactly zero DSD titles, and I really am not feeling it for DSD, in general (too much dough per recording). I am actually pretty encouraged by the PCM that I listen too, and I am figuring that the Lampi will put the icing on that cake.

I just want to know that PCM over the SPDIF feed isn't compromised, and it sounds like that is not an issue. Thanks!
JB, lots of free DSD tracks out there to sample (NativeDSD among others) and you can always rip your SACD via the PS3 angle.