Happy Thanksgiving to all members , enjoy the holiday

Title says all I believe.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

🦃 🦃 🦃
Thank you Uberwaltz. Hope you have a nice one too. 

Here in these parts, we are thankful for our homes still being intact and that our families are safe. Our prayers today will be for those who weren't so lucky and for the first responders.


Prayers also for those not so lucky.

Glad to be in Florida at times like that, worst we have to worry about usually is an odd hurricane or two.
Instead of prayers, donate some cash to the displaced as that actually helps. 
Same to you, U-man 

(Thought you were a Brit. Adopting traditions of your American cousins?)  


Yes I am English but when in Rome.....

Been here 20 years and no intention of leaving.

However I dislike 🦃 ... Lol

So it is chicken for our dinner today.

Cheers everyone!
U - A (20 year) belated welcome, then.  

We're doing a store-bought rotisserie chicken ourselves.  Unable to travel to the larger family today where my bro-in-law will be making a very good deep fried turkey.  Until having that, had really lost my taste for turkey.  

We've much to be grateful for today.  
Snap Ghosthouse!

Lemon Pepper flavor to boot.
All gone now, cats ravaged the left over carcass too!

Off to the shopping mall next, no not my idea of fun either but her who must be obeyed does not ask of too much throughout the year so grin and bear it!

And thx for the welcome...lol
Happy Thanksgiving to all.
I had a lot to be thankful for and I hope you all do too.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.
I had a lot to be thankful for and I hope you all do too.

+1.  Well said.

Best regards,
-- Al 
Happy Turkey Day to everyone. A little late but hey, I was over at my sister's place with no access to a computer (actually a nice predicament to be in) and for the first time, I cooked (Turkey Hasselback with pork stuffing).

All the best,
Hope everyone had a good holiday and hopefully still enjoying it.

And some very true words spoken in this thread as to being thankful and grateful for what we have.

Take a minute to think of those not so fortunate this holiday period.

Nuff said.
My grandson-in-law smoked the turkey this year and it was one of the best ever. I always come home with the carcass to make a big pot of turkey soup. Yum!