Happy Thanksgiving - Quick dcs verdi question

Opinion on purchasing a 4 year old Verdi only transport to match my delius and purcell......any service issues ? Has anyone replaced a laser....is the work done here in the US...I'm hearing that a service center may come to the US soon. Sonically....your thoughts as well
I had the drive replaced because it couldn't read the SACD layer on Hybrid discs. It worked fine on Redbook CD's and SACD discs. The work was done at Audiophile Systems, the USA distributor. It was about a 2 week turnaround and cost about $300-350 out of warranty. Love the transport smooth operation and sound is A++ BTW I've owned Audio Research, Accuphase, Esoteric transports, amoung others, and it is the best.

Had my Verdi for 5yrs now. Replaced the optical assembly unit twice since. Seems to be their only weakness thus far, a two yearly routine! Had my first ordered from local distributor (hence, factory) costing 450 pound. However, my second, I bought (the exact same part-optical assy.) direct from Sony Service Center, and had my experienced technician friend did it, 1/2hr job and cost?---$50 all up!! Hope this help.
I removed the cover from my dCS Verdi and the laser is the KHM230AAA which is still available on ebay.

My first laser lasted two years and after that would not read hybrid CDs. It appears you need to stock up on lasers if you have one of these units


Has anyone replacedĀ a Verdi laser recently?

Mine works fine on all types of discs but ...

Hello, I know this is a very old thread, but does anyone have the document with instructions for replacing a Verdi laser? There apparently is one. I think I may have to try to replace the laser in my Verdi, but today dCS very politely told me they no longer support the Verdi and the last Verdi technician left their service a year ago.

I've had the machine apart before, and reseating the ribbon cables seemed to help for a week, but it's back to its behavior of sometimes reading discs--sometimes not so much... When I had the machine apart before, I couldn't figure out how to remove the drawer from the loader in order to even get to the laser. Does anyone know how to get the drawer released from the loader for the Sony drive?

Thank you for any advice you might have!