Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Dear Friends at Audiogon,

I wanted to wish all of you a very happy Thanksgiving. If you are reading this over the internet, and are an audiophile then I know you have lots to be grateful for.

I wanted to ask you all a completely off topic thing. What non-audio/music hobbies are you doing this long weekend? For me : Video Games. Currently re-starting Shadows of Mordor.

Also, as we are grateful not just for the technology but the music that motivates all of us, I'd like to once again ask all of you to consider helping music education. Whether it is supporting a local artists co-op, voting for more music in schools, or donating that old tuba that you have moved 4 times and never played. Please take a small moment to think of a way to give back to that culture in ways for it enriches us all and demands so little. Also please consider supporting girls who are interested not just in music but science, technology, education and math. We need more women audiophiles and engineers. It is my belief, unconditionally, that the more we support our kids the better a world we make.

Thank you,

When you start to see half the university staff and students are women, then you can cite a sort of progress.
there were 4 women at my university (one of the xIT's) in the mid-70s

progress has been made
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We need more women audiophiles and , their own perspective and understanding.

One hopeful note is that in the last mid term election cycle about 45 women ran for various offices and now the estimates are over 1400! 

This observation is not meant to promote a political view or slant but to illustrate the interest that more women are showing in all things. It's about time they had greater participation in this hobby.

All the best,
Happy thanksgiving to you Erik. I've seen a real shift in females becoming interested in engineering over the years. I've worked in aerospace for the last 37 years & am seeing that not only in house, but at our major customers as well. My daughter is attending Georgia Tech as a graduate student & I see it there as well. Very good to see.