Happy Record Store Day!

I know some of you don't like RSD, but for me, it's kinda like Christmas Day.   Had a blast today and scored the following:

Fleetwood Mac - Alternate Mirage Rhino/Warner Bros. LP 

Mayer Hawthorne - Party of One BMG LP 

Stevie Nicks - Rarities Atlantic Catalog Group

Harry Nilsson- Nilsson Schmillson-Colored Vinyl 

The Sundays - Blind---25th Anniversary Edition LP 

Vangelis - Blade Runner Original Soundtrack LP picture disc 

The Goo Goo Dolls - Pick Pockets, Petty Thieves, and Tiny Victories (1987-1995) Warner Bros. 5 x LP Box Set 

Emmylou Harris - Queen of the Silver Dollar Studio Albums 1975-1979 Nonesuch 5 x LP Box Set 

Paul McCartney - Cassette Demos Capitol/UmeCassette


I love RSD, except for the hassles of finding the titles I want.  
That said, I was able to score all three items I went out for today:

Grateful Dead - Vancouver 1966 double live LP
Elton John 11-17-70 double LP reissue with bonus tracks
Super Furry Animals - Fuzzy Logic 2LP reissue

RSD has really helped a lot of the local record shops here in Minneapolis/St. Paul, but mostly the bigger ones from what I hear.  
I'm not wishing to cast a negative light on it, but a few record shop owners here have griped to me about how the system is rigged towards the big players and the little guys are left with the scraps.  Still a really cool event that I look forward to every year.
I live in near-north St. Paul burb .
I have 11 record stores within 6 miles of where I am now sitting . One cheepo and ten in Good Will chain .