Happy Record Store Day

Happy RSD everyone. May your scores be vinyl in nature and may the deals be ever so sweet!

I scored BIG today. Got everything on my list. Go out and support your local independent record store. Spend some BUCK$!!!
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I went to Electric Fetus in Minneapolis at 9:30 this morning and received a number when I walked in (#317) and was told they were letting folks into the "special" area in order. At that time they were on number 52, so I gave up and went to Treehouse Records instead. It was also crowded, but I was able to get in pretty quickly and got the one item I was after: Grateful Dead Dark Star '72. I am listening to it now and it sounds fantastic, so I am glad I went. I didn't find anything else that I just had to have but I am satisfied.
Found what I wanted too! Lots of people out shopping here in NYC too. One place had a line around the block - that surprised me. Good to see!
is it a coincidence RSD is the day after Cannabis day?

Twist & Shout in Denver had close to 300 people lined up before they opened.

We went over to Black & Read and there was a much smaller crowd there.

My haul:

Genesis Spot The Pigeon EP Audio Fidelity 12" blue vinyl 33 1/3 and 45RPM

Grace Potter & the Nocturnals Grace Potter & The Nocturnals: Live at the Legendary Sun Studios Hollywood 12" Vinyl & CD

Various Artists Empire Records Soundtrack Ume 2 x 12" orange vinyl

Various Artists Pretty In Pink Soundtrack UMe 12" pink vinyl

Various Artists The Breakfast Club Soundtrack UMe 12" white vinyl

Plus a few others. Overall an excellent day. I was very glad to see so many people supporting their local stores. This is my new special holi"day" :-)
Currently listening to my finds. When I arrived at Music Millennium in Ptld OR shortly after 8AM there was about a 45min line. Once I made my selections- Fleetwood Mac, Branford Marsalis and Forever Miles, it was another 45 min to get to the cashier. It went by pretty fast though, as the folks there were pretty social and patient. Next was Everyday Records where I found a 10" Dave Brubeck disk. Non-RSD picks included 3 LP's by The Shins ( a happy find as they are a new band for me) and some used classical LP's. I was done with buying records by noon and was able to spend the rest of a sunny day other than buying records (hey-sunshine and warm in April here is a special event).
Got my Tebowie! I take my six year-old daughter she always seems to end up with a bag full of free swag.
I was first in line at my local store. I grabbed what I was after, and was out the door twelve minutes after they opened, leaving a crowd in my wake. Amongst my finds was a twelve inch Bill Evans- Live at Top of the Gate.
I don't get it. Why would someone go shopping for records on a day when the store is going to be swamped, waits just to get in, more waits to check out. ????????????????
In my town, St. Louis, The Record Exchange is open every day and every day the LPs cost from $5-$8 depending on the quality. I feel lucky every time I shop there. I manage to score 4 out of 6 perfect records and the other 2 are ok. I don't return them, even though I can. The owner is barely making a living and I am just grateful to have a place I can shop. It's good to have a special record day to remind people that records still exist, but we are an extinct species. Be grateful for what you have. Support your local record store in any way you can. You can't ever have enough records!
I don't get it. Why would someone go shopping for records on a day when the store is going to be swamped, waits just to get in, more waits to check out. ????????????????

The records that are released on RSD are VERY limited in quantity and the stores never know what they are going to get. Most of the titles in the store(s) I was in, sold out within just a few minutes. Kind of like a concert or World Series game or Super Bowl tickets.

It's the thrill of the hunt and the feeling of joy when you find your treasures. What a rush dude!

I went to the Record Collector in Bordentown, NJ. Tons of LP's, some very collectable but most between $9 and $19. I dropped a total of $150.00 there for a lot of vinyl, well worth it. They had a woman singing and playing acoustic guitar, she was from Connecticut,very good stuff. The store wasnt too crowded, maybe 20-25 people there. The main thing is I was happy to obtain my vinyl there and in the doing, support a small business, which is the whole idea of Record Store Days. It's refreshing to actually see the condition of the vinyl first-hand instead of waiting for something you ordered online to arrive, possibly damaged or not in the condition the seller told you it was. I like being able to check the run-out on the record to look for pressing numbers and mastering house symbols. And I left the store with 6 giveaway CD's-not anything great except for one sampler that had groups such as Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, and The Black Keys. Oh, and the vinyl? The Best of Percy Sledge, Okkervil River, Tim Buckley on 180 gm vinyl, Albert King, Little Milton, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Chester and Lester, Memphis Slim, Jimmy Reed, JJ Cale, Atomic Rooster, Spirit,the first Procul Harum LP, Pacific Gas and Electric, Moby Grape, The Nice, Cowboy Junkies, and April Wine. All in all, a great day. This is why I go to stores like this and Princeton Record Exchange and Vintage Vinyl in Fords. Support these record stores all year long, not just on Record Store Day!!!