Happy New Year to AudiogoN and AudiogoN Users

I have been lucky enough to have viewed, used and participated in/on this wonderful site since the early days.

I wanted to extend a warm thanks to Arnie and all at AudiogoN. AudiogoN is one of the few 1st class sites on the "net", and one that brings much pleasure and value to many of us.

This has been a very hard year for far to many. The events of September 11th ended and damaged many, many lives. There has been much change, heartache and strife in our world during 2001.

I wish for all of you to have a happy and safe 2002.
Whatjd- You've said it all. Same to you and all the others. Happy Happy.
whatjd: and pass it back, bro. -cfb
Happy New Year to you too JD. Good to see you back in the forums. Hope your doing well. Say hi to Maggie:~)
I want to say happy new year and thanks to everybody, As somebody that does not participate much because I am new to this crazy audio world I learn a lot from the more experienced posters including cfb who I mistakinly(sorry) took a shot at here;Thankyou and peace to all Larry
Happy New Year to All. May we all strive to bring happiness, peace, health, and prosperity to whom we are able. And though I remain mostly silent, thanks to all for an excellent community. I learn a great deal (and hope to someday help someone else learn) here.

As they say here in Japan (where New Year is a BIG thing), 'shinnen akemashite, omedetou gozaimasu.'
Well said Whatjd, thanks. Cheers to All for All 2002. Craig
Happy New Year to everyone here at Audiogon. May 2003 be a prosperous and healthful year for you all.
Happy New Year all!