Happy New Year fellow Audiophiles

May the new year bring you bigger and better HiFi equipment.
Thanks! And Happy New Year to all Agon members and staff as well! Thanks to all those who participated in the forums with their postings in 2005. Whether we agreed or not, the forums were more than just educational. They made us laugh, shake our heads in disbelief, and generated some heated, yet whimsical comments, usually of a political nature.

So out with the old [VHS], and in with the new [Blu-Ray and HD-DVD]!
Thanks Jasman. Happy New Year everyone! May all of you have a great year and enjoy what you have and ignore what you don't ;-)
How about more MUSICALITY and enhanced musical experiences!!
Happy new year everyone!! Dont forget that we are a unique rare breed with obsessions that most people don´t understand! And this coming from a Shrink!