Happy Lunar New Year

This weekend is Lunar New Year, Year of the Dog. May the New year be bright with happiness, peace & prosperity for you & your family.
woof! same to you.
Sit! Stay!
Thanks for your good wishes, and the very same to you and your loved ones.
Happy New Year to you too, may the year of the dog be an interesting one.
Chinese New Year...May good fortune come to you in this wonderful year...
恭喜发财, 新年快乐!!!
Gong Xi Fa Cai, the best of health & luck for the new lunar year !!!!
Likewise Link,thanks to you and your family also.Where do you live?Bob
Happy New Year!!!
Yes, indeed. Happy New Year! Say, does anyone know how an out-of-towner should do Chinese New Year in New York City as a weekend visit? Please drop me a line. Maybe next year I'll take my wife and son, but given the expense, I'd like some inside tips about how to make the most of it.
Jayboard, you should definitely be in Chinatown, taking in a good meal, and just being in it. I like to walk around, and whatever happens, happens. You will find what appeals to you.

There are also huge Chinese communities in Brooklyn and Flushing, so those are also options. But, for now, try lower Manhattan.

As an aside, the Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy each September is also a wonderful thing to attend. The weather is normally great, and it spills way into Chinatown, giving you a good opportunity to take your wife and son during a fantastic time of the year. You can't beat the food, and it's fun to shop also.

By the way, where are you coming from? I'm a Philadelphian, not a New Yorker, but can suggest good ways to get into they city painlessly, depending on where you are located.
Trelja, I won't be making it this year; I'm in the Midwest. I'm a Phillies fan by birth, but I'm just an occasional visitor to the East Coast these days. It sounds like you can't go wrong by just being there in Chinatown and improvising--that's good to know. I read that back in the 90's, Guiliani put a stop to the nighttime fireworks celebrations. I wonder if that's still the case?

I was thinking of finding a hotel in Flushing, to save some expense, and taking the subway to Manhattan. But at this point, I'm just thinking about possibilities for next year. ...though the Feast of San Gennaro sounds like a great idea, too. I lived in Boston for a while and remember the festivals in the North End there...ah, memories. Thanks for the tips.