Happy Christmass everyone

Compliments of the season from the UK:
May your tubes never dim
May your remotes never fail
May your cantilever never break
May your cables never be too short

A special hello to everyone working today, like me, treating the lame and sick. A very special greating to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan

Congratulations for getting through the Healthcare bill, so far, not that I want to introduce any controversy.
Merry Cristmas to all and may you all have new equipment to enjoy & music to listen to.
Merry Christmas back at you, and to everyone throughout the world, and especially our brave troops in Iraq and Afghanistan!

Although, IMHO, getting Obamacare is like getting a lump of coal in our collective stockings. And our children's stockings, and their children's stocking, etc. (i.e. The Democrats lied to us about what the cost of this will be, (BIG TIME!), and those costs will escalate well beyond what they told the American people it would cost. Just look at how bankrupt both Social Security and Medicare are - both are on the verge of collapse, and so adding an even bigger bureaucracy is bordering on insanity, IMHO.)
Merry Christmas...even to you, Ebeneezer Kurt_tank.
Guess some folks can't ever check their politics at the door.
Merry Christmas to you.

Kmulkey - You're absolutely right. If there is any time of the year we should not speak politics it is now.
not that I want to introduce any controversy.

You just did
Happy __________(insert holiday greeting of your choice)to each and everyone of you.
Merry Christmas. May you all have the fund for any new components or upgrades you want. Happy listening.
Merry Christmas to one and all,
and may your god shine on you (if you have one).

My health insurance goes up a whopping 33% from Jan 1st 2010.
My agent will now be called 'Dick Turpin'.
Shame there is not a latter day 'Robin Hood'.
May the NHS always be there for the masses and BUPA for
the rich.
I woke up to a dry cold Pacific Northwest this morning. Not that I mind the rain but today was something special. The ground is frozen and so are the trees so everything is frosty white. I threw on some Nora Jones... poured a glass of champagne and to it I added a little fresh squeezed orange juice. I grabbed my sweet lady and we danced while the kid was fast asleep. For five minutes I was at peace with everyone and everything. I hope all of you catch the same vibe and I am taking requests … on the music that is. I think I will stick with the mimosas for now.
For everyone who helped me out with my system this last year – thanks. Thank you for the deals and the sound advice. Thanks for finding good homes for the stuff I no longer need and I hope I made some of you as happy as you made me.

Ok, ok the champagne is making me sound sappy … back to the music! No one likes a sappy pony.