Happy Christmas

Complements of the season to all you(former) colonials, from across the Atlantic, especially to those of you having to work today, as I am.

I hope Santa bought you what you wanted and all your audiophile dreams come true next year.

Best wishes, David
The same to you Mate!
And a merry christmas to you, too, from the winning side of the pond ;-)
Winning, losing, depends how one looks at it.

Had to work also, my best back to you.
Kids stayed with the in laws after a fun Christmas. My beautiful wife is in the tub. I'm having a scotch and getting her favorites cued up. Lost the remote to the vaporizer but worse things have happened. Massage candle is lit. Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas to one and all,from Bradenton ,Florida
Merry Christmas! audiophiles.
And a very merry Christmas to David12 and all.
Santa brought me Black Knight feet and an AC platter for my TW GT.
David if you can,check out these upgrades.You'll be thanking Santa too