Hapa Audio AerØ USB Tour Now Live - Signups Inside!

AerØ USB Tour

Hey Audigon fam,

We are excited to be announcing an AerØ USB Tour! Click the form to sign up in the purple text above to sign up.

To learn about the USB and see product images, head over to our website.

What you’ve been saying about it has been pretty dang awesome, and so heartwarming for us at Hapa to see...

"We then installed the Aero, it was more of the same, very much like the Ember but with an even large spatial presentation, more distinction on voice and instruments, more resolution and subtle detail. Perhaps the Ember x1.5 or x2, no real way to put a number on it. What I was certain of, was how much difference there was between the stock Holo cable and the Hapa cables. I was also certain my wallet was going to notice." - Mike Galusha

"The AerØ is in another league. Mike Galusha nailed the description in his review above. The mini-review I emailed Jason when I first received the Aero on Aug 9th was one word: "Expansive". Nothing has changed my opinion since then. With the Aero in my system it is like hearing my music for the very first time. New instruments appear, recordings have space around the performers you never knew was there. There are exceptions of course, flat studio recordings remain flat, the excellent Jennifer Warnes album "The Hunter" still sounds great but there were no surprises. Surprisingly, Micky Hart’s "Planet Drum" didn’t reveal any added nuance, maybe I have used that album for a system check so often I know it all too well. "AerØ is a little fuller sounding than the Ember, an instrument’s body is more apparent, it’s nice. The Ember is not thin by any measure, I was completely happy with the sound. The Aero just has more there." -WGH

Some info to note:

- Included in this tour is a sole 1m cable - no add ons, no dongles needed!
- We won’t be including Ember for this one - we want you to experience the best of the best!
- I will tally and organize them after signups are closed and shipping arrangements will be done via email with me (Sebastien!)

I so look forward to working with you all on this and seeing your reviews, discussion, and feedback. As always, let us at Hapa know if you have any questions!

If you missed it above, click the link to sign-up here: https://forms.clickup.com/f/80txj-400/P3VBGUHR6JUDESP74N
Hey there Folks, I wanted to pop in and thank the community for their interest. We have filled up the first leg of the tour and will be kicking off very soon. If you’re still interested in signing up, even though the first leg is filled, if we get enough interest we might do a second leg. Please fill out the form above if you’re interested!