Hanss turntables

Is anyone familiar with the Hanss brand of turntables? Any listening experience?
Yes, I have briefly heard their flagship model with a Tri-Planar Arm and a Benz Ebony LP at Stereo Unlimited in San Diego.

This a very large table with its own dedicated stand and triple platter assembly all turned on a single belt on the bottom platter, the top two following the bottom via magnets. I believe it weighs about 350 lbs.

Again, my experience was brief, but I thought the image was rock solid with piano tone as steady as it gets. Also I was struck by the life-size image of the piano which I think you get only with tables in this weight category. Lloyd Walker's does similiar justice to piano and of course his table is also a 350 lb. behemoth. The sound was a little bright, but the cartridge was fresh out of the box with no break-in time, so who knows? The electronics were all Asthetix top of the line stuff so you know the brightness wasn't likely due to ancellaries.

Stereo Unlimited has the Hanss table just beneath the flagship model, but it is not set up so I don't know what it sounds like although it is just as beautifully made and good looking and I think it weighs in at about 150 lbs. so it should be quite inert.

If you want more info, I suggest you contact Bruce at Stereo Unlimited and I'm sure he'll be happy to anwer your questions.
I believe the top of the line (T-60) Hanss turntable is 130 lbs (according to their website).

The top of the Hanss Line is the T-90 and that is the table I heard. If you go to their website, you can see it. Unfortunately, the weight is not indicated. My recollection of that statistic comes from the store in which I heard the T-90.
Check out the 2009 Munich show report on Stereotimes.The Audio consulting room was voted best sound.They were demoing Jean Hiraga electronics with a Hanss acoustics Turntable.Hopefully I can get to hear one of the tables at an audio show.They look awesome for the money.