Hansen Knight with Pass XA30.5 working?

I have an nice offer for ex-demo Hansen Knight speakers.
I wonder if my Pass XA30.5 is enough power to drive them.
The Hansen are 87db, 6ohms rated but i haven't found any impedance curve.
Currently I have Dynaudio Special25 monitors(88db,4 ohms)which works nicely.
I'm a low to mid level listener in a mid sized room.
No rock or metal music.
My Pass amp never leaves ClassA (no needle bouncing)with this setup and listening levels.
Are the Hansen Knight a more difficult load than my Dyn monitors?

Any sugggestions regarding the Hansens?
I never heard Hansen speakers before.
I would have to travel quite a bit to audition them. If there is no way my Pass is enough Power I will cancel this project and might look elsewhere.

Thank you!
The odds are way in your favor that the Pass will have enough power.

Haven't heard the Hansen's, so can't comment.
"If" the Hanson`s load impedance is relatively smooth and avoids wide fluctuations/dips then its 6 ohm load is easier to drive than the 4 ohms of your current speaker.
I am playing the Knight myself. Best is to ask Mr. Lars Hansen. I had some questions about my amp in the past and mailed mr. Hansen. Very friendly and helpfull.
BTW the Knight are fantastic, really fantastic loudspeakers.
In the past I have played pass labs x150.5 (playing other speakers that time). I wanted to buy the xa30.5. Pass Labs told me the xa 30.5 has even more capacity to drive speakers than the x150.5 (2*150 watts). On this point of view xa30.5 ought to have enough power.