Hansen King V2 / TAD M1 / YG Studio Reference .

To those who have already heard his three 3 pairs of loudspeakers what would be your best choice and one you'll choose detailing the reason for this choice only for the MUSICALITY and build quality.
Here's loudspeakers: HANSEN King V2 / TAD M1 / YG Reference II Studio and top of the line Reference II.
To live with them in the great large room and the rest of the Audio equipment and more than up to its loudspeakers.

Infinitely thank you to everyone.
While I've never owned any of the three, I have heard all of them at several shows with different setups, and can pass along my opinions FWIW.

I for one do not like the TAD speakers, they are too forward and a touch bright to my ears, and frankly not to my aesthetic taste either. They just sound a bit harsh and thin to me, but YMMV.

The YG Studio Reference are WAY overpriced in my mind and are a bit flat and uninvolving to me, I wouldn't take them if you gave them to me (unless to sell for the $!)

The Hansen Kings are totally different than the other two on your list. they are warm, lush and smooth with excellent dynamics and would clearly be my choice of the three.

If you are looking to drop this kind of money on a speaker, you are going to need to go listen to them all and make up your mind yourself. FWIW a colleague of mine loves the TAD and finds the Hansen speakers boring, both of us didn't like the YG (and we've been together for every show!)....... So go listen, see what YOU think as after all, YOU will be the one who has to listen to them day in and day out!
How did you arrive at these three?
Thanks Peterayer
Good question no answer.
I am looking for a hard to find I have owned in the last 20 years several loudspeakers today I'm still looking for a pair of loudspeakers not to change again. if you have any other suggestions they are welcome.
I've heard all three to a significant extent and with various electronics attached.

I would have to agree with KennyT. The TAD leaves me wanting. I really don't see anything special about this one.
The YG actually makes me want to leave the room. Literally. For the life of me I cant figure out what people find so awesome about this speaker. There is a hard edge to them that I find very fatiguing.

The Hansens, on the other hand, are very dynamic. They are very involving. And I can say without hesitation that they are one of only two speakers that has given me goosebumps when listening. Literally. (the other one doesnt exist anymore.)

At this price point you should definitely listen for yourself. But if you want to keep it simple. Find a pair of the Hansens to listen to. I highly doubt you will be disappointed.
It would be helpful to know at least something about your system, room and musical tastes. In the end, I recommend you make a short list and not buy anything at these big prices before auditioning the contenders in your own system. I have found the room/speaker interface should be the starting point/foundation of any successful system, so start there, then find the right amps and enjoy the hunt.

I doubt you will find anyone who has heard those three in the same system for a worthwhile comparison.
First of all I thank you infinitely will not play its loudspeakers as they are not distributed in my country.
I also thought the Aerial 20T V2 louspeakers what is your opinion?
I have owned 10 years ago a pair of Aerial 10T at that time I was happy and excited.
I would recommend adding Avalon Time and Isis to the list.

I would also recommend flying to another country to listen yourself.
Have heard all of them, although these three brands are in my top 5 I would choose the Hansen. But all three are awesome speakers.

Good Luck,

Another vote for Hansen, all the others brands are fantastic, but I think that the Hansen are the ones with a more natural and real sound, incluiding I think that they are at least so good as Magico, which I have owned-Magico mini II, and I have used them with CAT JL3 reference, Soulution, Audio research preamp, cables from Kubala Sosna to David Elrod...and never I had the sensation that they are the best of the best , as many audio magazines are saying, for me are only one of the best, the choice depends on how they are mixed and logically your taste.
Another for Hansen too.
I would go for the TAD as my first choice with Hansen as a close second. I didn't like what I heard from YG in Munich High End Show this year...
I'm with KenntT 100% having heard all 3 several times. At this price point, I would also look at MBL 101. You'll save some money on speakers, but will have to spend on amps as they are pigs.

Good luck!
I am interested to know what you have decided or purchased your new speaker, I can only afford Emperor, I like it a lot, I am just like you do not have chance to go listening to all speaker, I guess only guys who lives in some places are fortunate to hear all they want. Singapore is one place where you can spend many days in one building where almost all high end speakers are available for listening.
of the three - Hansen....YG is absolutely awful for me. Have you ever heard Vandersteens?
Scary price range but I have heard Hansens and loved them. out of my budget though. The TAD's have gotten bad reviews from people whose ears I trust. The YG's seem to be more hi-fi and not as musical.

If you're look here you should probably hear the Tidals. Haven't heard them myself but again, people whose ears I trust say they are worth checking out if you have that kind of cash.
Another vote for TAD Reference 1s here. I listened to them at two RMAF shows and in both cases they were superb in my opinion. Not bright at all, in fact, a bit warm.

This is why it is important to listen to different speakers, as we all don't hear the same things.
Heard King V2s in an Esoteric/ARC/BAT system when I bought my much less expensive Kharma's. Made mine sound dark and grainy and they don't seem that way at home! That system wasn't my idea of perfect but I'm sure in a sympathetic system they'd be tremendous. Not heard the others