Hansen Emperor vs......

Hi all,

I'm curious if anyone has ever listened to the Hansen Emperor speakers? How would you rate them against eg. Marten Coltrane, Kharma speakers and the Avalon Eidolon Diamond for instance?

I've heard good things about Hansen but have no experience with them, Could anyone describe the sound?

Thanks a lot
I only heard the Hansen Prince (?) last year at RMAF in the auditorium under less than perfect conditions. . . the impression was of a hard and etched sound. I'll make it a point to listen to Hansen again this year. G.
Anyone that heard the Hansen speakers??
I heard them at CES and thought they had an very detailed sound, very Wilson like.

Excellent sound stage.
In response to Guidocorona comments regarding the Hansen's at RMAF '07 -- the speakers used in the AUDITORIUM (approx. 130' L x 45' W) were NOT the PRINCE, but rather the larger EMPEROR. It should also be noted that this was not a listening room setup, the system was used by mastering engineer Bernie Grundman as support for his lecture on mastering. Many who heard the system felt it was among the best sounding at the show -- despite that it was not in an appropriate sized room.
Thank you Wildwildwes for the model correction. Unfortunately I can report only what my ears detected, regardless of lore. . . . and that system sounded screetchy to these ears, beyond what I deemed to be the venue's fault. G.
I've heard the Prince's in a private home and all I can say is that they are a true reference grade speaker. They will be completely transparent to the source, which means you need very high quality stuff to use with them.

If it sounded screetchy it was probably something upstream of them that was doing it. I've heard them beautiful and dynamic and full. Seeing what the Prince's can do I can't imagine how the larger speakers in the lineup can improve on that.

Unless I am mistaken, the speakers were driven by Halcro electronics. G.

Once again, you are 100% completely wrong here!!!! The electronics driving the Hansen Emperors were the Boulder 1012 Preamp and 2060 amplifier -- NOT Halcro... Seems like you might have been anywhere else but in the room you've provided misinformation on TWICE. What's up???
WildWildWes, I presume you're not aware... I wasn't either until Guido came to my room at RMAF.

Guido is blind. That's why he said "I can report only what my ears detected".

My wife was running my RMAF room when Guido came in, and when he asked a few questions she let him have a little hands-on time with one of my speakers. I was amazed at what he could discern about my design and construction technique just by touch.

Now my wife has a rather pretty voice, and for all I know that may be the only reason he didn't say my speakers were screechy too!

What's up??? It's an obvious conspiracy mounted by the enemies of Hansen: Conniving Guido is mutinously misguiding the working masses, shamelessly and continuously. Call the cavalry.
Thank you Wildwildwes, I may be very well wrong on the 2nd count as well, that would not surprise me. I was in the auditorium for over 2 hours during and after the 2007 TAS seminar. I recall asking what electronics was driving the Hansens. . . my recollection of the answer may very well be flawed. . . and when I was 12 my Mom taught me that groping racks uninvited will get my hands slapped. . . and I try to be a good boy. . . I'll call her next Sunday. . . I'll try to remember to ask her what kind of racks she meant.
personally; i'm going with whatever Guido's ears are telling us.....whatever the brand.

i've heard the upper end Hanson's a few times at shows over the last few years.....and i agree they are transparent to the source. a very refined and balanced speaker. i'm not crazy about their aesthetics though.

i think that Hanson with Boulder would be like Kharma, Marten or Avalon on Boulder which is to say on the 'cold' side of neutral and depending on all the other varibles maybe a bit hard and edgy like Guido mentions. is Halcro different than Boulder.....a little. the 'old' Halcro was borderline unlistenable.....the newest Halcro is more similar to Boulder in character. of course my viewpoint is that almost all solid state amps are relatively cold and lacking naturalness. a matter of personal taste.
I have heard Hansen King with Soulution, FM acoustics, Spectral, Viva , ARC electronics and the sound changed with each electronic used, this means, at least for me, that these speakers did not have any own sound, or perhaps that the electronics had too much character?
I have heard Hansen King with Soulution, FM acoustics, Spectral, Viva , ARC electronics
...and the verdict is?
What music did you listen to and what were (very) brief characteristics of the electronics? As far as you remember of course.
I've heard them with Boulder electronics in an excellent room. The combo was precise, revealing, powerful and balanced. A bit "cool" for my taste (which runs to tubes, high efficiency speakers, and vinyl), but very, very, very well done for those that like that sound.
Gregm, the dealer used pop, classical ,new wave and jazz, and the veredict is? well I remember great demos, one with all Goldmund top of the line, another with all FM acoustics, incluiding speakers, another with all MBL, another with CAR speakers and atma sphere, CAT wit Hansen..and yes that one was also a great audition, the best for me? perhaps with FM acoustics, but I will buy before Soulution because the sound is practically as good and the price is a lot better. FRont digital , as he is the distributor of dCS was Puccini and Scarlatti, Scarlatti is a little better but for the relation price/quality Puccini is far better.
FMA and Soulution - similar yet different.. In which the 'Soul' actually resides more within the FMs. The Soulution sounded somewhat thinned out and rather cool sounding in direct comparison. At least that's my finding, in my, and few other systems (impression from comparing pre-amps only). Well. Yes. But the cost..

Sorry thread.. Back to you Hansen!
Thank you, EMi & B v
Bvdiman, I find your answer here, very proper to me. And my experience for Hansen + Soulution combo + DCS throughout, errrr, not my cup of tea at all.
i was wondering the awards given by the Audiophile on Hansen King and Emperor for the best sound. What did they heard that you otherwise think is no good. I really like to know because i am about to buy one. Thanks.
Also what is a better choice as compare to Hansen?
Csng1, I am not sure which is wrong, or anything particularly wrong with Hansen King, it may be the room treatment, cable, or something else, anyway, the dealer's demo system (DCS + Soulution + Hansen) sounds not revolving, cold, and oversized. And the worse, like Bvdiman said, the soul resides in system is not that "full".

If you wanted to ask what's the better choice, you know both Bvdiman and I will answer the same......

What electronics you will use for Hansen?
Csng1, BTW, the gentleman start the thread Maxx1973, also in our Txxxx camp now.
i am using Krell FPB600, Aesthetix Calypso, Aesthetix io sgn, Mk2, VPI classic/dyna xx2mk2.

i didn't go to the RMES Hansen Emperor with Aesthetix electronic. They said sounded very good. they i am refer to those JV, and those guys.
Csng1, looks you are not totally a tube guy, although I have never listened Aesthetix sound, but the combination could be ideal to good sounding.

If you have not conclude your oder of Hansen speakers, i urge you to read Bvdiman's system, there are a lot of useful information, especially the speaker part, he quite precisely describe each rig he has used before. Sometimes I wish he can be one commentator in audio magazine, may become my favorite writer.