Hans Zimmer's "Man of Steel"

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The new soundtrack LP to the movie “Man of Steel” by Hans Zimmer (Watertower Music WTM39463) has arrived. I have had this LP on preorder for the past month and today it finally showed. Oh the wait was killing me as I got the CD set last week.

In case anyone wants the news upfront the Limited Edition “Man of Steel blows away the “Dark Knight” sonically in its own way. If you missed out on the double LP of “The Dark Knight” from more than a few summers ago the price of admission is now hundreds of dollars for a sealed copy of the double LP. It's that good.

The “Man of Steel” has waves of seismic bass. Layers of choral voices and features a drum, battery, and percussion army that make this an album that’s a step ahead of the rest. The bass is so great a listener in the room was looking under, on top and behind the speakers trying to determine where all this sound was coming from exactly. The sound on this LP is huge ---more huge than the Dark Knight and wider, taller and more dimensional. And there is more and even better bass.

The bass of the “Man of Steel” can make the whole room vibrate in the 30 Hz range. The floor will vibrate. This is bass you can feel. So this is a sonic attack on your system and your psyche. It’s that good. There is a lot here that bears repeated listening. I am sure that any listener I can bring into my listening room will have to hear it.

The recording features synthesizers, a pedal steel orchestra and a drum army of fifteen drummers. A few of which I shall name, Jason Bonham, Jim Keltner, Sheila E, Vinnie Colaiuta. And it features voices, electric guitar, the bass of Lee Sklar and solo cello and violin.

Then just when you think its safe to go outside. Side 4 begins and the piano enters and plays the “This is Clark Kent” theme and then the real bass hits. And what bass it is. It's like an earthquake! Seismic washes of bass. Each side is only 10 or 15 minutes long. The CD is no match for this LP record. This LP is a supersonic audio demonstration system buster like no other. A reference LP to be cherished for the sound and the music. It's an LP I am sure will become a collector's item of the highest order. A welcome thing to be bowed down to and worshipped at the high end alter. An offering to the turntable.

The LP consists of only the first compact disk in the double CD set. Cut over four LP sides. The sides are an average of 10 to 15 minutes in length and are cut very hot. The mastering was done like this for the bass with widely banded grooves. The LP cut so hot that the CD cannot compare sonically but the CD s definitely worth having. Especially for the second CD in the set of Zimmer’s sketches for the “Man of Steel”. But this is not a fair comparison you need to get the LP.

So if you like movie music. And music of a contemporary nature and music that is sonically one step further ahead than most. Then this LP is for you. The line starts here to the listening room. Check it out. There is nothing else quite like it.
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Hi Triodeotl

Check this video out.


The makers of the film are pretty critical of the Hans Zimmer soundtrack and his takes on soundtracks in general.

Thanks for the thorough review. Despite what legolambs feel about Hans Zimmer the Man of Steel soundtrack bears some checking out.