Hank Moody's system

Californication's Hank Moody's system seems quite nice anyone know what's in it?
What?... he says scratching his head:}O

His system is he flirts with hot babes, makes sure they know he is famous, ply's them with alcohol and ends up in bed with them.

Not a difficult system apparently.
It is easier if you ply them with liquor first then tell them you are famous and end up in bed. You can deny it all in the AM when the memory is fuzzy!
I did notice some gear in an earlier season, but was somehow distracted...
He def has an Avid turntable
Either his (delicious) ex-wife got custody of the Avid et al, or his latest crazy GF burned it when she torched his NYC apartment. Either way, time for Hank to step up and use some of his ducats wisely...
Delicious is right on the head. Keep the tt take the krells. Lmfao