Hands Down Better than the Stingray?

I'm looking at buy either a new Manley Stingray II or a used one, so let's call the spread around 1500-2500 dollars give or take.

Speakers to be used would be the Merlin TSM-MMe.

The Stingray has been suggested as a POPULAR and very good amp for the Merlins. But if I'm spending 2K or 2.5K for a used integrated, what might best the Stingray with the Merlins?

Thanks in advance peoples! I'm close to buying a Stingray, but still wondering if there's something else to consider. At the lower end would be the Shengya Hybrid which is the same (or nearly so) as the Vincent 236 II which is 150 watts. I wonder how it would sound since it does have quite a bit of power. And of course there are a LOT of great used integrated amps floating around. Please comment only if you're familiar with Merlin's lineup of speakers!

Robert B
With that budget, why just an integrated?

You can get AES Six Pacs used for $1650 or so and a grand will get you a good pre. I have a Belles 21A pre to go with my Six Pac Monos and the sound is great with my Merlin MX's. More versatile too.
Thanks for that link Shadorne. As a kid, I lived for Fireball XL5 and Supercar. Somehow, I never saw Stingray. Had totally forgot about them. What fun!