Handheld Recorders for Vinyl Recording

Has anyone used a handheld recorder to record their vinyl with? I have been looking online at the Tascam DR-100MkII and Sony PCM-M10 which have the ability to record at 96/24 onto a SD card. Curious if the quality is as good as using a PC or a dedicated CD recorder.
I use the Zoom recorder to record my lp's and it does an excellant job. Cannot really tell the difference between the sound of the digital playback and the original lp
The Korg MR-2 is the business. About $500.00, records to SD card in DSD 2.8 or double dsd 5.6, can have line in from phono stage, and free Audiogate software for converting to any format you want. I use predominantly 192/24.
Interesting, the Korg offers higher resolution recording with a 1/8 cable input. The Tascam offers 96/24 resolution but with a line level XLR connection. Any idea which is more important? I also looked at the Zoom and other recorders but not 100% confident with the 1/8 input connection.
I have used an Edirol HR-09 and it works fine. Personally I prefer to use my Pioneer PDR CD recorder.