Handel Water Music - best CD? - Performance Recording

Am looking to purchase a CD or set containing the aforementioned works of Handel. Although I've been searching quite extensively I have found little information or reviews… and there are a VAST number of recordings to choose from.

At current, I am gravitating towards newer recordings, the assumption being that these will offer better sound (recording quality). I know that this is far from conclusive and lacks the all-important consideration of performance/acoustic qualities (of venue).

Your recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ALL - for your information & recommendations!

Kelly/Sugarbrie – I’d suspected there WAS more to it than what might seem obvious, though I'd never truly considered what differences might exist between real “period instruments” and reproductions. …Especially something as simple as bow string composition vs. pitch etc.

I find it incredible that even by today’s standards; with our “technological superiority” the products of old world craftsmen/artisans are considered superior. …Benchmarks without equal, imbued with intangible and illusive qualities. (e.g. Stradivarius).

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There are some very nice string instruments made today. They just have not had 300 years to gather a following.
The Trevor Pinnock 1984 Archive/Digital recording of Water Music, is even more spectacular than his recording of the Bach Brandenburgs. This performance has a rightness to it that leads one to believe that you need'nt purchase any other Water Music ever again. I really believe in this performance more than any other issued. Pinnock released Water Music in analog on the CRD record label years before this, but the sound (yes the sound) and performance in no way matched the Archive/Digital sessions.
The LP IS superior to the CD on this performance. There is a better rendering of hall ambience, from the outstanding acoustics of London's Henry Wood Hall. The LP should be widely available on the used market. The CD will do just fine, though, if you cant find a copy........Frank
I want to post a rare recording by Collegium Aureum under EMI release (originally Deutsche Harmonia Mundi's copyright). It is also on historic instruments. Passionate interpretation and splendid coloring.

Also, other suggested Collegium Aureum recording:

1. Vivaldi's OP. 8 No.1 - 12 (No.1 - No.4 known as The Four Seasons)

2. Handel's Concerti Grossi, OP. 6

I am not affiliated with Collegium Aureum at all.

Happy listening.

Megasam is dead on on this one
Handel's Water Music

Pinnock is nice, but Hogwood Academy of Ancient Music is the best I have heard

the other Handel pieces by Hogwood/AoAM are great too

for Brandenburg Concertos
I Musica is very well recorded and performed