Hand shaped single CD holder.Please,help to find.

Last year ,flipping thru "For Sale" items i came across a photo of somebody's system which featured a hand shaped cd holder on top of the system (@ hands holding single cd).
I've been looking for something like this for a long time to accomodate an empty jewel case of a currently playing cd.
Plus,it had a "pop art" appeal of a sort.Any idea where to find this or other nice lloking Single Cd holder?Any hints would be appreciated.Thanks.
I don't know about the hand shape item but if you have a Michael's hobby store near you it may be the place to look. If nothing else, they have plate holders which work very well (I have one of the mental one's that are coated with a white coating...I spray painted mine matte black). Works great!

Good luck,
Kind of funny that you just posted this and Lngbruno's response. It's all in the timing i guess.

I half-jokingly discussed something similar with my girlfriend the other night after coming back from a local record / cd shop. I told her that i wanted something to display what disc was being played like i had seen at the record store. As of today, she put out some fancy little brass ornamental dish holders. I laughed and told her "thanks for finding my "now playing" disc holders". Needless to say, she laughed and told me NOT to touch them and that she would get me something that would work in similar fashion.

As a side note, i don't really want this as there's no sense in having this displayed. I mean, it's not like a music store where you've got people asking the same questions about what's playing day after day, disc after disc. I just want one place to put the disc that's playing so that i don't have to sort through all of the others that i've got stacked up or laying about. This little "disc holder" will accomplish that perfectly : ) Sean

PS... Remember the "good old days" when everything was on vinyl and you could check out the art-work on the jacket, read the lyrics and see the pictures of the band on the sleeve, etc... when you first got the disc? Who does that with CD's anymore? Pull the disc out and stuff it into the machine, throw the jewel case to the side and then listen. CD's just aren't near as much "fun" as vinyl. These kids nowadays just don't know what they are missing : )
hey sean,god do i miss that & your right that the kids are missin out,i remember when cd's first hit the scene at 30 bucks a pop & i opened a frank zappa cd only to find some sales garbage & no liberato in the case,man was i bummed!

dont forget to mention when you got a new double album you had your new rolling tray,i swear i scraped the gloss off many a double album.
Bigjoe, so that's why gatefold albums were so popular!
Sean, to display the jewel case of the CD I currently have playing I use a small wooden easel intended for holding a photo frame (like 4x6). The easel is a two-piece "butterfly" type that's hinged in the middle. This is opposed to an artist's easel which usually has three legs and a horizontal support for the canvas. I think my wife bought the photo frame easel at Aaron Bros or Pier One...something like that. Anyway, it's perfect for holding a CD jewel case.
Tvad: I came home to find something similar near our HT system, which is the system that my girlfriend uses the most. She actually likes the idea of this and was using it herself today. I didn't even have to ask her what she was listening to, as the disc was easily viewable in plain sight : ) Sean
Here's a gizmo that may help. A few years back, I bought a gift called "electric bartender", or "electric waiter". It was a plastic gloved hand, palm flat, fingers upright, thumb extended, with a round black plastic base. You would put a drink glass, or beer bottle on it, and a battery motor would activate and roll it to the edge of a table, where it would automatically stop. Of course, you wouldn't want to install the batteries. This had the neat look that you want. I think that I bought it at either Spencer's Gifts, or an upscale gourmet kitchen/cooking supply store. Also, check out the "As seen on TV Store", if you have one in a nearby mall.