Hand drying records using a VPI 16.5 or the like.

Does anyone use a VPI, Nitty Gritty..., but not Vacuum. If so, what type of cloth, and drying process do you use. I have a 16.5, but it's right below the bedroom. There have been many times where I could have used my insomnia time to clean records. However, the 16.5 is ridiculously loud, and would wake the humans. Happy New Year, and long live vinyl!!!
I use the drying cloths that come with a SpinClean record cleaner. These do a great job of absorbing the moisture out of the grooves but a little air drying is still suggested. Here is the link to where I bought mine.
I buy packages of microfiber polishing cloths from autoparts stores for drying/cleaning records. Inexpensive, very functional, and don't leave a trace of lint.
Viva paper towels are really great. They are soft. and never scratch records.. i canreuse the same half sheet many times. using a few, and letting each dry out.

Then after the Viva i final once over with a vacuum cleaner... using a brush attachment I save just for Lps..

I use the brush and vac to suck dust off Lps if i do not think I need to wash them too.

But the VIVA paper towels are great. better than cloth. And way better than othe brands of paper towels.
Thanks- The Spin Clean cloths are also available at Acoustic Sounds. I picked up a Microfiber Cleaning cloth at Walmart, but have yet to try it. I believe it's the same brand as one of their mops and brooms. I may give it a try on one of my not so prized records, though I bet it will be fine. Wow- never thought of a Viva Paper towel, I have to start thinkin outside of the box. Cheers -Don