Hand crafted equipment rack?

Are there some places to buy truly furniture grade equipment racks / entertainment centers? I am not looking for the huge cabinets of old but open shelves or minimalist design...made from solid wood / slabs...no veneers.

Mapleshade Audio?
Google is your friend, indeed.
Core Audio Designs or Box Furniture Co
Is this what you mean? Google is your friend:>}
I wish google was my friend ;). I found exactly what I wanted a few months ago, forgot to bookmark it and now can't google it to save my life...in fact that is why I wanted to post here.

Btw, box design co. Is the closest of the three so far but I am looking more for slab designs than dimensioned lumber.

These are sold here on Audiogon:


I have one of THESE and love it. Exceptionally well built, beautiful craftsmanship.
I second Timbernation. Chris is a great, humble pie guy. Have the legs threaded for cones, but do NOT purchase his. Audiopoints or the like. Don't want to skimp.
I second Timbernation. Chris is a great, humble pie guy. Have the legs threaded for cones, but do NOT purchase his. Audiopoints or the like. Don't want to skimp. 2inch thick shelves at the minimum. Thicker, in this case, is better.

A big ALSO: I would not purchase a thing from Tom's links. He was probably goof'n witcha. Whatever you put on that crap will your entire system sound poor. Very hard to go inexpensive with a rack. Maybe less expensive. Worth the investment. Easy to recommend if we can get a glimpse of your rig?
Hi Warren have you recieved your product from Chris yet?
If so how long did it take after order?
Chris said two weeks from the time of the order. I had Audiopoints dropship the points and threads. It has been a week, so I'm figuring this baby should be in my living room come Friday? Monday at the latest? He said he'll let me know when it ships. He's not far from my crib so it shouldn't take long to ship. Pa to NY
Thanks I am talking with him as well Did you pay up front?
Research Timbernation on this and other audio forums. I think you will be suprised.
Yes i know he has had delivery problems in the past i am wondering if this is still the case
I prefer much thicker maple shelving. 2 inches minimum. Same with the legs and high quality points/cones at the bottom of each leg. I have used Audiopoints for years with excellent results.
Warrenh: Why maple over a denser wood like white oak (or a more exotic wood)?

Does the density of maple hit a sweet spot or do you, like me, just prefer the look of maple?

I'm trying to learn why decisions are made one way or the other.

Have you looked at Splintr Designs? Their Trellis racks are very nice.

I like the look of maple. Natural, oil rubbed and buffed. The combination of Audiopoints and Herbies is what I am playing with. Audiopoints are the known factor because I always coupled. Now, new speakers have a huge downfiring subwoofer, producing prodidgious air movement that will affect my SET. Experimenting with decoupling and coupling. $$ ratio: rack solo vs rack fitted Audiopoints/ Herbies is a bit disproportionate, but worth trying. This strategy was recommended to me by another Zu Definition IV owner with a geographic problem--proximity of SET to speaker. Problematic due to how close my SET is to the speaker. Will let you know, but it has worked for another audiophool/mentor, who has NEVER steered me worng.
Hey Warren its Tom. I'm still at it and have never found a reason to convert to the decoupled method or to a mix of the 2. In fact I am now coupling musical instruments cello, bass and bass clarinet. The benefit is extreme I think. As much as 30% more measured output and greater ease to play and touch. Testing new ideas and concepts on a real instrument in real time speaks great truth.

I know your dilemma about the bass modulating the tubes. Keep in mind energy is always searching for ground. Materials and geometry determine the amount of energy storage and the transfer speed. Good luck on your new audio adventure. Tom
Herbies has a 90 day refund policy if not satisfied. My tympanics will know by then. I was talking with Robert about the very couping invention you were telling me about years ago. I'd love to hear more. Try to motivate YoYo Ma to try one. It can be done.
After going through a few different ways of housing components I found accommodating changes in my system became my primary concern. The benefits of purpose built Hi fidelity systems would be an extravagance as well as (subjectively) unsightly. I've always had sonic improvements with mass loading components in MY room.

After a bathroom remodel I had some excess marble which I had cut to size and one inch holes board well in from the corners. I supported the marble with corresponding sized void free Birch ply with corresponding holes. Any millwork shop can do these wood cuts and a drill with a forstner bit can match the holes.

I purchased three quarter inch by 36" long stainless steel allthread and enough nuts and washers for both sides of each hole. I used rubber washers under the metal washers on the marble.

I decided against spiking the ends of the allthread in favor of simple slip on rubber ends with wood floor protectors stuck on for easy sliding.

The end result is an incredibly heavy Salamander style shelf system that is infinitely adjustable. When unloaded it can be easily slid across wood flooring.
It's a heavy piece that doesn't look heavy. The combination of the marble and Birch ply makes for a handsome edge detail. The look of the allthread maybe to industrial for the WAF.

If you hunt down the marble counter installers in your area they all have scrap marble. In all the project should be well under $1000. typically about $500.
Not exactly what you speak of, but Quadraspire, which is probably veneer over MDF, works very nicely and allows you to reconfigure the rack at will, simply by replacing the spacer rods with longer or shorter ones. I have one for my AV stuff and another for my hifi. The AV is double width and uses thicker shelves. No reason you can't stack your hifi gear on it. Not the ultimate rack, but considering price and flexibility, I'm very pleased with it.
Box Furniture, Trellis Audio
Why not make your own. Aluminum and maple. Fully customizable and scalable. And cheaper too.
Billy Bags from Ventura, CA. I'm driving to his showroom tomorrow to get a customized rack built.