Hana SL or ML?

I am currently running a Hana EL cartridge with an Acoustic Solid turntable and Jelco tonearm. Phono stage is Sim Audio. I am wondering whether to go to SL from EL or go up to ML directly. 

Anyone had experience running both SL and ML carts here? Going to ML, is that significantly better than the SL?

Thanks in advance! 
@anovak Thanks! I have Sim Audio phono as well. It is built in my Sim Audio Moon 390 preamp. Do you run your Jolida phono with tube pre/power or solid state amps? 
I run the Jolida Black Ice Audio F-159 tube phonostage into a Rotel Preamp using the by-pass circuit which sends the signal out to the Rotel Power amp without going through any other circuits aside from an attenuator (volume control) and both Rotels are solid state.  Works pretty nicely actually.....that Simaudio Moon 390 looks like a really nice unit also!  Looks to be solid state, right?  
@anovak The Moon 390 is an amazing unit. It’s a good solid state preamp, DAC/streamer, phono stage and headphone amp. While the phono stage is no slouch, I might get a better separate phono stage later on. I pair it with Moon 330A power amp and the pairing is quite good!

Interesting you avoid more number of circuits to keep the signal chain simple! How do you do that though on your Rotel preamp?
The Rotel has an option, "bypass," that will send the incoming signal only through the circuit that controls gain, or volume.  Otherwise the signal is not changed in any way.  So, I send the signal from my cartridge, to phonostage, to Rotel preamp, and out to the power amp essentially unfettered aside from the ability to control the volume of it sent to the power amp.
I'm running my Hana SL at 470 ohms through a Whest PS.30 RDT-SE at 55dB gain.  I estimate about 50 hours of run in.  That Shibata stylus does make you work for it (spot on 2.0 grams stylus force/1.8 grams antiskate). Once dialed in, the Hana gets it done for sure.  Come Springtime I'll try 1.6k loading and report back. 

Happy listening to all!