Hana SL or ML?

I am currently running a Hana EL cartridge with an Acoustic Solid turntable and Jelco tonearm. Phono stage is Sim Audio. I am wondering whether to go to SL from EL or go up to ML directly. 

Anyone had experience running both SL and ML carts here? Going to ML, is that significantly better than the SL?

Thanks in advance! 
It’s most likely system dependent, so I’m not totally surprised you like yours set at 400 ohms. On my system 390 ohms made it sound a little clamped down, probably with better focus and more neutral overall, but I couldn’t go back from 2.2k on my SS system. It just sounds more relaxed and open. 5.6k was a little too slow for my liking though.
I’ll give 390 ohms and 1k another go and see if I still prefer 2.2k. Also my SL is still running in so my preferences might change with time!
Overall preamp gain 57db.
I agree with Three Easy Payments.  I have had both the Hana SL and the ML for about 6 months.  I've had two SL's for a good 18 months or more, and the ML for 6 months.  
I don't find that the additional $450 cost of the ML over the SL provides a notable improvement in the audio over the SL.  In a blind test comparing the two on the same turntable and system, I hear little difference, certainly not a $450 difference.  My system has 2 belt drive Rega turntables, 2 Direct Drive turntables, 4 Emotiva phono preamps, 2 restored 6L6G mono tube amps, and a pair of Frazier theater speakers.  Volume is controlled with a high quality, simple stepped control pot, home built.  I moved to the SL from a Denon 301 MKII.  This was a worthwhile move up the ladder, but moving from the SL to the ML has not provided better audio commensurate with it's added cost.  The ML is still a good sounding cartridge for the money, but I think the SL provides quality audio well above it's price point, making it the better value.            

Thanks spininvinyl. Based on the helpful comments in this post, I have decided to go for Hana SL instead of the ML at this point of time. Cheers!
The Shibata tip on the S Hana models may need a little finesse to set up,  but once it's dialed in, you'll be in audio Heaven!  Enjoy! 
I have the SL, have had it for about 4 months now and I echo ndevamp's comment about it needing some time to run in before it really shines.  I would say it sounded good right out of the box, but somewhere around 70-100 hours in is when it really opened up.  I've tried loading at the recommended 400ohms, 1K, 30K and 47K ohms and am settled in at 1K at the moment but some of this to me is also music-dependent.  I think you have made a good choice to go for the SL....I'd be very surprised if you aren't happy with it.  Which Simaudio phonostage do you have?  I recently purchased a Black Ice Audio (formerly Jolida) F-159, tube phonostage and the combination works really well.