Hana SH vs ortafon 2m Black

Has anyone had experience with both of these cartridges? They will be going on a VPI Scout  run through a rogue cronus magnum  The Hana sounds good but needs quite bit of volume compared to the 2m red I had. Im wondering if the Black is as smooth as the hana without the harshness of the red. Thanks for your input.
There are are some good videos on You Tube for setting up and adjusting your scout. I did mine for the first time and got it pretty close. The Hana needed a little extra weight on the head shell to adjust the tone arm weight properly. If thats the case on yours you will need to buy a screw kit for 7 bucks on amazon. The set up was  pretty easy to do. (No caffine) So my Hana sounds good but it needs a big boost in gain going into my tube amp I talked to parks audio as snackeyp suggested. The step up transformer  is only $340. Which is much cheaper then the 2m black and in theory puts me right where I want to be to utilize the full power of my amp.  Thanks again for the good advice keep it coming. If I get the SUT anytime soon I will post the results.
I just got my October 2017 issue of Stereophile, which has their semi-annual "Recommended Components" feature. 

This month, the $475 Hana EL is solidly in the Class B group of cartridges. Most of the other Class B cartridges range from $799 to $1200, with the Ortofon SPUs at $599-659, and some others that hit $8500-9995. The only Class B cartridge below the Hana's price is the base model Zu Audio DL-103, which now retails at $459 (just $16 less than the Hana), and hasn't been reviewed by S'phile for 11 years.

Also, the Ortofon 2M Black at $755 has slipped to Class C status and sits right next to the 2M Blue at 1/3 the price. That's not to say that the Blue is just as good, but when the 2M series came out, the Black with its Shibata was considered the standout. Also, that seems to be the product release that resurrected the Shibata on a large scale. 

I have an Audio Technica AT150MLX, which originally came with a MicroLine stylus. When the MicroLine became harder to find a year ago, I replaced it with AT's new Shibata, so now it's an AT150Sa, and I like it better--smoother yet detailed and organic-sounding treble, and it seems to track the inner groove better, though maybe I got lucky on the alignment this time around.
I have the budgie SUT 10 hooked up now for a few weeks. Its given my hana quite a big boost in gain which now sounds a lot more aggressive and is no longer on the thin side and still remains smooth and quiet.

 The budgie SUT is great value! It is virtually the exact same thing as Bob's devices that retails for about three times the price.