Hana SH/SL of Ortofon Blac 2M for Ittok LVII tonearm?

Which one of two carts fits better with above mentioned tonearm? I also slightly confused about the "mellowness" or "laid back" character of Hana, people mentioning in many posts. Which one - SH or SL would you recommend for Mac C22 preamp?Thank you all for your opinions.
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I have an Ittok LVIII mkii with a Lyra Kleos on my LP12 and it does not tend toward brightness even a little.  If anything, it is neutral to a hair warm.    

I LOVE the C22 and the phono stage in it is brilliant.  Regarding cartridges, I have hear it with a Sumiko BluePoint2 and loved it.  It is brilliant with MC cartridges.  To be clear, have not heard the Itok or the McIntosh unit with an MM and have no POV on the match.   Other caveat is this is strictly assuming your table is an LP12.  

Those are two very different cartridges.  I am not 100% sure the Hana will work as perfectly with an LP12, ittok vII and that Mc preamp as you would hope.  The Hana is a bit laid back to start with and on a suspended sub-chassis table with that Mc phono stage...it might get dark.  To be clear, I have not heard this combination but am just thinking of the parts combined and what I would expect. 

The Ortofon Qunitet Black might be a better match if you are looking for an MC cartridge or check out the Sumiko Songbird.  I think the Sumiko might be a brilliant match.  I know they are a bit more than the Hana but might be worth looking at.  Given 30 day return policies at places like NeedleDoctor it might be worth a little experimentation.
viridian - thanks a lot for detailed response. Regarding the pool of 2 cartridges - my first reaction was - don't even start it. But talking seriously - within my planned budget of $750 I just followed the Stereophile and TAS product of the year choice in Hana's case and Analog Planet good review of Ortofon Black 2M. I reduced my choice to these two just to avoid additional headache. You know you can audition most of current amps and speakers in stores or in friedns houses which makes your choice of these components relativly simple. With cartridges you buy it and you live with it for years. Unless you are a lottery winner. Just to clarify my personal listening habits - I lived for quite some time with Linn Adikt MM cartridge which is good but nothing special, then I switched for some time to Goldring G1012 which was so bright that I've noticed that I stopped listening to quite a lot of jazz records. So I'm looking for smth smooth, detailed, true to life. In wine business they call it well balanced. 
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