Hana or Ortofon cartridge

Hi, I'm looking at purchasing a Hana E SH or an Ortofon Black cartridge. I have a Music Hall Ikura turntable. It has the Ortofon Blue cartridge that came with it. Has anyone had or heard both cartridges? I am looking for a better overall improvement. I have read about both and either sound very good. I would like more detail, more soundstage, and a little tighter bass. I have a Denon 3802 receiver. Nothing great but, it works. Any advice would be helpful. I listen to a lot of jazz and rock. I would love to get better sound from both. Thanks
I'm interested in an upgrade from my AT-440. Someone who's opinion I respect is VERY positive on the Hana cartridges. They are actually an amplifier manufacture that uses the Hana on their test/demo system. He likes them so much, he offers them at a reduced price when sold with their products if he thinks what you have now will hurt his amps performance. That kind of feedback on a sub $1000 cartridge gets my attention. So I'm very interested in any responses.
Im planning on trying the Hana SL in the very near future. Everything Ive read about them is very positive. Word is they punch way above their weight.
My local dealer has the Hanna E SH on one of his demo Acoustic Signature Turntables. He also sells used records so I was able to demo my records on the TT. Excellent balanced neutral sound w/plenty of detail from top end to bass. I've had experience w/Ortofon and I find it tips a bit to much to the top for my taste. 
Thanks guys for the responses. I've heard good things about Hana as well. Just wanted to get some feedback from someone other than magazine reviews.