Hana ML compared to other high end cartridges

I am currently using a Benz Micro Glider high output on my VPI Classic 2 table. The cartridge is quite a few years old but does not have too many hours on it. I would like to get another cartridge and was thing Hana ML. Can anyone tell me what should I expect as compared to my current setup? Is it an obvious step up or down? Thanks.
The ML is relatively new, but I recently replaced my Benz Micro Ace SH with a Hana SL and loved the change. It's sound is larger than the Benz and I feel more of a presence of the music.

However, my Benz had close to 1500 hours on it, so that might account for the difference.
My opinion is biased, because I have owned two Gliders (I and II versions) and was underwhelmed by both.  This and other experience leads me to believe that LOMC cartridges or MM/MI cartridges are generally to be preferred over HOMC cartridges like the Glider.  So, I would think the Hana ML is an upgrade, but I admit I have only the good opinions of others to go on.
Thanks, so far it sounds like it is definitely a backwards move. Also the Hana is LOMC so I guess that's one thing in its favor. 
Huh?  How and why?  Btw, I concur with all that Lewm wrote.  I suspect the Hana will be a decided move forward. 
I have no experience with the Benz, but the Hana SL is a fine cartridge. My Van Den Hul Two (HOMC) and Kiseki Blue NS are both a little more refined / detailed, but not by much and they both cost a lot more.
I meant to say it is NOT a backwards move. The Hana ML should be at least equal and most likely better. Thank you frogman for pointing out my error in response.