Hana el or sl cartridge 0.5 mv

I have a Cary ph301 Mc is 60 db 100 ohms will that be enough gain some dealers say yes 1 review says yes  other reviewers state different settings like 62 db 500 ohm  can use some help thanks

Hi Fedie. You should be ok with the gain however if you are unable to change the loading to >400ohm I would think that perhaps you should look at another cart or a different phono stage.
Heard great reports on the Shibata version 0.5 mv Hana. 60db really should be enough gain for a 0.5mv cart.
60 dB is plenty. And works fine at 100 ohm. (Used mine initially with Vincent PHO 8 at those settings) Now using with Sutherland 20/20 at 60 dB. Tried at 200 ohm and then 475 ohm. I prefer the 475 setting because the midrange sounds a little more filled out. But I am told it all depends on the rest of the system also. Bottom line is it will definitely work fine with your Cary.