Hana Cartridge for MMF-7 ?

Have an MMF-7 and have opportunity to obtain a Hana MC cartridge: Either The “E” or “S”
series, in either “Low” or “Hi” output versions .

Anyone have experience with this? 

Opinions on compatibility of the TT and arm with these Hana cartridges?

Whether TT and arm quiet enough for a Low Output?

Only interested in whether this combo works, not suggestions for other cartridges.


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I installed the SL recently (on a VPI Prime) I really enjoy it. On the gain issue, I would be looking to see what your phono stage provides for gain and loading options. On a EAR 834p (with fixed settings for gain and 400ohm loading) and a Sutherland KC Vibe (60 db gain) the SL was a bit lower volume. I switched to a Manley Chinook SE with 65 db gain, loaded it at 800 ohms, and it sounds much better. 
VTA is critical for the SL, and the MMF can be a bit more difficult to set VTA, so keep that in mind. My Ortofon 2M black and 2M blue were a bit less fussy about VTA.

So without knowing your phono stage and it’s gain settings, I would consider the SH as well. I have an Ortofon Bronze 2M I have not yet set up, and it is supposed to be warmer than the Black and closer to the Hana SL.

I don’t think the E series has quite the detail of the S series.
Thanks for the reply. I’m running a Cary98-SLP and have a 1:10 SUT I could add in if I were to run a low output.
Get the Hana SL and use the 1:10 SUT
Agreed. I'm running one now on my VPI HW-19 Mark 4 using an LFD LE phono pre that puts out 53 dB of gain. Plenty of gain on that