Ham Radio Interference from next door neighboor

My next door neighboor has a ham radio with big power amp, ever time he talk on the radio, his voice is all over my phone, tv and my two channels system ( http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?vdone&1081564573&view )I change all my phone to 2.4 GHz digital cordless phone and the RFI Interference is gone, I change my tv to HDTV and Interference is also gone, I try everything on my my two channels tube system, (power cord rfi filter, power conditioner, Dedicated AC with good ground) it will not do a think, his voice is still all over my Carver Al-III when he talk. Is there a way to filter out the ham radio RFI??? Please Help.

My two channel System:
Shanling CD-T100C CD Player
Audio Experience SYMPHONIES Tube preamp
Rogue M-120 Tube amp
Rogue M-120 Tube amp
Carver Al-III Plus Speaker
Carver AL-III Plus Speaker
MIT AVt 2 Interconnect
AudioQuest AQ TYPE 6 Speaker cable
Adcom ACE-515 AC filter

Sure, Call the FCC and have them pay him a visit to see if his rig is over the legal limit. Have him check his antenna set up for leakage.

good luck
Thanks Rd

I already call FCC 1-888-CALL-FCC, I was told by the FCC that it's most likely my equipment is at fault, and the FCC no longer investigates RFI complaints to telephone, TV or entertainment systems and I was instructed by the FCC to contact the manufacturer who made the defective equipment for a solution. (What a $%@!)
i know the feelin , i had your neighbor a few years back, he had a giant antenna spewing out static all over the neighborhood.

all it took was one simple visit to his house to correct the problem,i dont know what he did to make all the interference go away but away it went.

this neighbor of yours should know a few things about his rig & might know how to adjust or add somthing to stop the interference.

have you talked with the guy?

I think a small amount of plastic explosive at the base of said antenna should more than correct the situation. Bet he doesn't come asking questions either.

Or you could just go talk to him, gear junkie to gear junkie.
Invite him over to your house to hear what his equipment is actually doing to yours. He may appreciate the problem more, and may be spurred onto some ideas to fix it. Serve refreshments and talk about possible solutions, not problems.

He might even like hi-fi enough to ditch his other hobby... hammers are notorious gearheads.
Hi Alan,
There is a little device called a "TVI" filter that your neighbor can insert between his radio's output and his antenna. It should solve the problem and clear up the RF. The TVI is very cheap and if your neighor is at all friendly and a responsible ham operator he should have no problem what-so-ever in adding the filter.
Sure that solves the problem, but the plastique idea is much more entertaining ;-P .
Cheers, Spencer
Buy him the piece ;make sure you give him the instructions.
Hi Wizard454

I found two "TVI" filter (PDC-1089) and (Workman FT-311) at
http://premiere-electronics.net/low_pass_filters.shtml they are both low pass filter, can you tell me which one to buy for my next door neighboor, I spoke with him, he stated he will try it.

Thank for all your help

Dear Top vd; In most all things in life; It isn't what you ask but how you ask. My hat's off to both of you.
Thanks Avguygeorge, great help from all of you. I will post again after Mike (My Ham Radio Neighboor) put in the TVI Filter.

I try the TVI Filter, it don't work. Try move around his antenna, it also don't work. However he is getting married and moving to Fair Oaks, California (with his toys). I suppost my Ham Radio Interference is also gone forever :-) I just hope his new neighboor is not a Audiophile :-(

Anyway, thanks for all your help.

Make sure he takes his antenna w/him when he goes... You don't want your new neighbor to pick up the hobby due to the convenience of an antenna already in situ.

I used to live close to the DC beltway and occasionally picked up tranmissions from truckers who presumably had hotwired illegal power amps to their radio rigs (I believe they call them seat warmers). Since it was intermittent, it was hard to say if it got fixed, but I think using: (i) covers on coax inputs to the pre and (ii) short shielded interconnects helped considerably.

What was the Dilbert quote... er... "Very few problems cannot be solved with the selective use of high explosives." Something like that. ;)
Topvideo: While i'm glad that you're problem will be ( hopefully ) resolved soon, if you remember, i told you privately that the Low Pass ( TVI ) Filter wouldn't solve your problems. I could have saved you some time & money, but... : ) Sean
Hi Sean

I remember you told me that it will not work and I know I should listen to your advice, anyway it was a nice excrcise and I find out he got married and movinggggggggggg out while I was in his house :-)

Anyway, thanks for your advice.

Hi everyone

Just a note, he already moved. Without any interference or Mike's voice in my speakers is absolutely priceless.

Glad to hear it. Since that guy moved out, and i'm looking for a house, mind telling me where you're located??? Take my word for it, that guy had a "little" transmitter compared to what i've got : ) Sean
Hi Sean

Is in California, San Francisco, Ocean View Area, zip is 94112
If you visit S.F. email me and let me know, I buy you dinner.
Topvideo, i was only joking but i appreciate the offer. I want to stick somewhere reasonably close to where i am now. I couldn't afford to move all of my audio gear that far : ) Sean
Sean, email me anytime if you ever visit SF, you might see a pair of Genesis in my house.